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Lever Belt Suggestions?


Im getting ready to buy a new belt. My current one is showing signs of wear and tear. Im currently use a 10 mm double prong Inzer Eco power belt. I have had it for several years now. At this point the stitching is starting to come apart and the " eye holes are starting to show major signs of wear.

I'm finding my interest is peaked on purchasing a Lever belt. But before I do I would like some input from others in regards to the Pros and cons and any suggestion of what brands to look into . Thanks


I love my 10mm lever belt. It's eight years old now and I've not had a problem with it.


The only con to a lever belt that I have seen is that you can't adjust the size as fast as you can a prong belt. Sometimes you may like a belt tighter or looser depending on the day, lift, etc. Keep a penny in your chalk container and you can switch the size of a lever action about a minute. The pro is that they are strong and inzer carries a lifetime warranty on them. If the lever breaks just send it back for a new one.


i switched 6 months ago and havent looked back. No real downside except when im benching in gear I use a standard 2 prong instead because its easier for my training partner to jack it down tight when I cant move my arms.

Im not a very big guy so I went with the 10mm, works great.


I bought the 10mm lever belt from inzer a few mths ago, i love the thing. Very easy to use once you get use to it. Prong belts are more of hassle to use IME. Not that much different of course. Both do the job.


I have a 10mm Toro, about a year old with no signs of wear. I can't complain, I like it. Only issue is that my belly fluctuates with carb intake and how much ab work I'm doing. Takes 1 minute to adjust with a screwdrivers, it's really not a big deal.


Thanks for the input. right now ,Im eye balling getting a Toro at this point.