Lever Belt For Fat People?

So I’m getting tired of putting my belt on and then having and even harder time getting it off.
I’ve seen videos where people using levers just flick the switch and they are out! Looks very nice.

My question is will it work with flubber? I’m softer than most lifter to put it nicely and I’m worried I’d struggle to get it set to where it would actually add support.

Am I over thinking this? Could I just set it to where I have to pull fairly tight to initially get the latch set them simply buckle it and I’m good? Or should I stick to the prongs I have.

Though not fat, I compete alongside many corpulent individuals and they need to manage the lever without issue.


You might want to look at quick release belts. They’re halfway between a lever and a prong belt.

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I use lever belt for jeans, I’m all belly. Works great for me.