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Lever Belt Fitting


Does a higher quality/ priced lever belt have closer spacing for a more accurate fit? Wondering this cause I went the cheap route on belts about two years ago Ish.


Not in my experience. The difference is usually leather and lever quality.


OK cool, I was just wondering if I was missing out by going cheap. I did already break one lever and have to replace it with something better


What kind of belt do you have? How far apart are the holes?

I have an Inzer lever belt, the holes are about an inch apart. Inzer belts are relatively cheap too, I paid around $100 (Canadian) for mine. Titan sells some fancy belts but I hear their levers don’t last, I even saw a video the other day where a guy’s lever broke during a heavy squat (700 or so) with no spotters. He’s lucky he got out of that one. I hear bad things about the SBD belt, which is about as expensive as they get. Not only are the levers sometimes defective and only stay closed if you set it extremely tight, but the belt is red on the inside and stains your clothes. If you have money to spend I would look into Wahlanders belts, they have a quick release (IPF approved too) and are supposedly very good. Eleiko makes a similar belt but it’s very expensive and I believe only comes in white.


I have a wehlander and like it quite a bit. It is, however, fairly pricey. It’s not as bad as the SBD but it’s up there. I got mine during a promotion but it was still north of $200. Additionally, it you like your belt really tight, it can be difficult. Normal belts you can pull the tongue against the buckle like a pulley to tighten it. The wehlanders slides over so you have nothing to pull against. It’s good for me because I don’t wear mine super tight but if you do, I could see it being an issue.


I think mine is about the same 1" gap. I went the old economy belt from lifting large. Like $50or 60 should really get a nice belt but I have two cause I don’t feel like changing the size. Broke the lever and bought some weird ones from Australia


What company?


I actually can’t remember. I just remember I ordered them cause their thicker than normal ones


No worries. The only levers I know from down here are Harris (junk) and Loaded Lifting (seem OK).