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Lever Belt 13mm

I am looking for a new belt. I want a 13mm Lever Belt.

As I understand it most (if not all) Lever belts are nonadjustable with out a screw driver or what ever.

I am pretty sure I have seen a Lever Belt with hooks that goes into the holes so that quick adjustment operates pretty much the same as a prong belt.

My waist fluctuates a lot. Even through out the workout my waist will usually come in a hole or 2.

Thats the SBD belt - $200 plus.


fk, I was afraid of that. $227 for me. Thank you.

Inzer has a ratcheting belt, I’m not sure which feds allow it though. Spud has some other unusual sort of belts, I don’t know the specifics but you could look into that too.

I hear some bad things about the SBD belt, stains your clothes red and plenty of buckles have been defective. At the Arnold this year Ray Williams’ belt broke during an attempt, not sure if it came totally loose but piece of the lever fell right off.

There is actually another option that comes to mind, but it’s expensive too: Wahlanders belts. They have a quick release thing, it’s as easy to use as a lever and adjustable like a prong belt. The only thing is that it looks like it’s hard to get it really tight if that’s how you wear your belt.


Thank you, I saw that!! I dont really care about the clothes staining and I am looking for a back up buckle too. I heard they came with a back up buckle?

I just saw the Wahlander. Ultimately it looks like I will have to settle for a 13mm Prong.

Even with a 13 mm lever you have a degree of adjustability without using the screwdriver:

First two prongs only, lever open
Both prongs, lever open
First two prongs only, lever closed
Both prongs, lever closed

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Maybe you are referring to a different sort of lever belt than what I am familiar with. My Inzer lever belt only has two prongs so I don’t understand the difference between “first two prongs” and “both”.

I’ve got a Titan Brahma lever. It has four prongs in a square, ariund an inch and a bit each side, and four holes (one per prong, also in a square).

What belt are you using right now? Allergy to prong belts lel?

Levers are gonna break or pop screws out sooner or later for most lifters never mind some dude putting up a world record lift. Just have a warranty or guarantee from whoever you buy it off so you can get some replacements.

Only gripe with the SBD belt is the ridiculous price. Going from a 10mm inzer to the SBD it seems a level above (IMO the level up is not worth the price tho).

There’s a couple of bad experiences/reviews around but its the same with any product. Probably something like publication bias going on here: if somebody buys the best belt on the market (or at least the most expensive) and it performs as such it’s all good then they are gonna be too busy lifting well to post a review. Have any kind of issues tho from minor e.g. staining of your favourite A7 bar grip shirt to major defects/faults then you’re sure as hell gonna let everybody know. So you end up with a gross misrepresentation of positive experiences.

Titan are pretty decent with replacements, my lever snapped and they sent me a replacement. Took a bit of prodding in terms of reminding but that was it.

OK, that makes sense. Inzer levers only have two prongs and it looks just about impossible to only put one in due to the design.


Just really wanted something fancy to match my personality. I think now I am going to take the first 13mm belt I can get my hands on to see if I can even handle 13mm.

Look, it hurts a little at the beginning but once you’ve had 13, anything less just doesn’t do it for you anymore.

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Pioneer belts @BOTSLAYER

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I thought I should correct myself on this because obviously I was confused at the time, something must have malfunctioned inside my brain. Yes, my Inzer lever belt has four prongs as you described. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking at the time I posted this, I guess I mostly just wear my belt and don’t look at it much or examine it. However, I still wouldn’t be able to put only one set of prongs in because the holes closer to the edge are small and round and the other two prongs have a sort of hook on them, it can’t fit in the other holes (I tried). Perhaps you could do that with other brands of belts, not with Inzer or at least not the one I have.

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No, it’s definitely an Inzer thing. A buddy has a Forever lever belt and has the exact same issue.

Thank you guys for your help.

Ordered Pioneer and what and why for anybody else doing some googling:

  • Pioneer=Price and options (SBD Lever will probably be my next)
  • Double Prong=in my head I think it will be more secure over 1 prong
  • Prong over Lever=My waist fluctuates too much and I dont even use the same holes for Deads and Squats
  • Double Felt=Treated leather is supposedly the firmest and still broken in BUT double felt looks cooler…ok really it came down to my Singlet seems slippery so I definitely wanted felt on the inside rather than leather. Also I am not sure how well I will do with a 13mm belt so going with double felt thins the leather just a bit making it in between leather and a 10mm.
  • Blue Outside=Favorite color right now
  • Lime green inside=need a bright color to contrast blue options; were orange (meh), pink (was in the basket but changed), lime green (dude, lime green)
  • black hardware and stitching=they didnt have lime green prongs so black and a bit more black so they are not lonely.
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I’d reconsider this. They are pretty annoying and you would need some type of ab strength to cause an issue with a single pronger.

I already use one, I am not worried about breaking the single prong I just like (think) that it will spread the pressure more evenly top to bottom across the belt.

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I went from single to double prong and found this to be true.

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