Lever Back Extension

Is this good for my lower back? Yeah, I know, weighted spinal flexion. wtf. I don’t understand how can a muscle get big and strong by NEVER EVER EVER moving (like I read about the erector spinae. And again, no reverse hyper fer me. I might keep more of my hips on the pad when doing hypers though). On exrx, they list two studies, one saying that it is and one that it is not dangerous.
Help greatly appreciated. Vlad

just do good mornings,they have one of those at my school but at my gym.I like good mornings better anyway

It’s a machine, thus, it’s second-rate and less-than-ideal. I’d rather you go with good mornings, rack pulls, or stiff-leg or romanian deadlifts.

Thanks for the answers. But the main point was that, for example on exrx I see tons of spinal flexion. Here I see deads from a deficit or slds. Again spinal flexion. And I’m starting to wonder if this isn’t how those people built backs. When I did deads (back PERFECTLY arched) and squats (again, ARCH), my back was all fine. No pump, no nothing…just some not so nice pain. And not to mention mr.'s Poliquin seated good-morning. Someone please tell me what am I’m supposed to do (any pull 500 and you’ll have a back answers are not welcome).
Many thanks, Vlad.

Well…T-Nation makes one think… It sometimes sucks (I know this is whining BUT…), but in the end it’s you learn that you have to THINK for yourself. Lift to failure-train once a week vs. train a muscle 3-4 times a week. Eat 3 grams protein/kg - cycle protein and don’t eat more than 2 grams/kg… Well, mr. Poliquin and mr. Dan John say you should do rounded back work. WSM competitors round their backs… exrx says round your back (well, half of it, at last). The old timers rounded their backs(wasn’t mr. Hoffman considered the healthiest man in the world?). Lumberjacks and other rounded their backs… I guess I’ll start doing light rounded back work (starting with 20-40 lbs- 20gm, 40 dead), lever extensions…and hypers. I know dr Squat (Fred Hatfield) advised some exercise which looked to me like a hyper…only that movement only took place in the spine. Well, wish me luck.
I read that injuries in general are caused by lack of recovery or not allowing enough time for adaptation…
I’ll keep posting about my progress…and in a few months I hope to post a back pic in which my erectors do exist (right now they are invisible).
Strength and health,