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Levels Plummeted After Starting HCG?

Hey guys, not sure what the hell is going on here. I take 30mg of test E EOD and recently introduced some HCG EOD as well at around 200ui per injection. My levels have absolutely plummeted, and LH/FSH has come online. Is this normal?

No. Also, at those levels, I would not say FSH and LH are online.

My first thought is what is the source of your testosterone and hCG?

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Your test is most likely bad.

Like the others suggested, your test & HCG may be bad. From those labs I’d guess your e2 being low is telling your pituitary to create some LH & FSH to get the system going again, with poor results. Being on TRT should circumvent all that, so not sure why you’d be having issues otherwise

Did you lower your T dose to compensate for the HCG use?

This makes sense. Unless you switched something re your T protocol, adding the HCG should increase, not decrease, your T leveld.