Levels Low After Quitting Gear

So I’ve been at this game for many years. 20 almost. I’m 36 now. I have definetly abused anabolic in the past and have paid the price. I suffer from pretty bad anxiety and depression. Recently I started feeling a lot better and thought I’d give it a shot again. I got great results and felt great. Then it hit me again like a sack of hammers. Anxiety bad I personally think my e2 was out of whack. Anyways I quit the gear and things are still pretty rough. I got tested a couple weeks ago and my levels are as follows.

Testosterone,random. 9.4 nmol/L
Free test 231.5 pmol/L
Shbg 19 nmol/L
Testosterone/shbg .49 nmol/L
Estradiol 58 pmol/L
Lh 2.8 u/l
Insulin like gf-I 273 ug/l

Do you think with test levels that low I could still be getting some depression and anxiety. I feel like shit and have no energy. I sleep well and keep a regular diet. I have also lost a ton of weight. Mostly fat and water but I usually weigh about 205 and I’m down to about 190.

Any help would be great.

We do need lab ranges, especially with SI units that are unfamiliar to most here.

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