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Levels Dropped When Switching Manufacturers of Testosterone?

So I’m doing hormone replacement not testosterone replacement, basically the same thing though.

So I inject 100 mg of Testosterone Cypionate weekly, but a few months ago I changed my pbarmacy which gets their testosterone from Sun Pharma which makes it in India.

So I was bored and decided to look at my blood work. I started comparing it. My first blood work with this doctor I had just gone for 50 mg every two weeks to 50 mg every week. Then a couple of months later my levels were higher from increasing to 75 mg per week. Shortly after I switched pharmacies, I originally had the testosterone manufactured by Perrigo.
So my last months blood work is 100 mg per week. It’s lower than when I was taking half as much.
Each time I get my blood work it’s on a Tuesday, and my shot day has stayed the same, so the number of days since my last shot would not affect the blood work since it’s been the same for every blood work.
No it is not converting into estrogen, my estrogen has actually dropped (I think it’s at 30 now. I am not taking estrogen blockers.)

Has anyone noticed a difference in different testosterone manufacturers too? Or is it possibly something else?

I am 18 years old by the way started when I was 17.

This post is not clear.

You increased dose by X percent and Total or Free T dropped by Y percent?

Both products were same mg/ml?

Drugs from India: Why? May be the problem.

Yes my dose was raised twice as much but dropped lower.
No it is not the same mg/ml concentration, but I am taking the correct mL to make sure I’m taking the correct MG. I’m taking 1 mL of the 100 mg/ml vial weekly, to get 100 mg.

I guess the 100 mg/ml vial is harder to get so they order it from a company that manufacters it in India?

I recently received Sun brand testosterone cypionate from my pharmacy and was very disappointed . I usually get Watson or westward brand generic . As a matter of fact I request Watson and am lucky enough to have a pharmacy that will do this for me. I also don’t like paddock or perrigo. Something in the vials make me feels terrible. I feel weak , have insomnia, hot flashes ,can’t relax , sweating ,low libido. I know it’s not in my head because I usually have morning erections ,but on the sun,perrigo,paddock I don’t . The westward brand is my favorite. I will probably get my doctor to write name brand only ( deca-testosterone ) and my pharmacy will have to order it. I’ve been taking trt for 12 years , so I know how I’m supposed to feel . My old pharmacy wouldn’t order my favorite brand . They said it was all in my head and all testosterone is the same . I would like to have my sun brand sent to have it analyzed , but it would be $$$$ . Its made in India , so I’m kinda concerned .