Levels Drop After Last Shot?

So when you take test. Your natty test shuts off right?
So im taking 100mg of test c a week. And I have a couple questions.

  1. I have just taken my 4th shot of test. Is it likely that my natty production has stopped by this point? (not taking an AI, or hCG or anything else)
  2. How long (roughly) from my last injection, will my levels drop drastically low?

Im seeing a new endo, and my levels are at about 400. I am positive that if my tests show me anything above 300 he will not let me continue my trt. (Which I have noticed the effects and they are very helpful with my medical issues I am facing) My primary doc who originally prescribed me test, once my levels hit 400, he said he doesn’t want to give me anymore. I am fine… I tired explaining to him that my levels are going to drop if I stop, and I need an AI, hCG and something to turn my balls back on etc… and it was over his head, thats why im going to an endo, and im sure his notes are going to recommend that I stop my treatment because I am in the “normal” range… 275-400 at 27 years old…

So I want to make sure that I stop my test injections so that my levels drop really low prior to my appt with the new endo in Jan. I just want to ensure that he is agreeing that I should continue treatment.

Any advice?

Test C has a half life of about 8 days. 100mg/wk should put your free test in the neighborhood of 800. It would be roughly half that 8 days after last injection… Just some general parameters. Give it 3-4 wks and you should be good to go. You can get an independent blood test done before your doctors visit just to be sure.

Its unbelievable, the stories about how f’n stupid some docs can be with trt. There really is more info in the stickies here than a lot of docs seem to be aware of. How can a doctor put you on trt, shut you down, then say your T is good so you dont need trt anymore… Unbelievable.