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Levator Scapulae Pain

Hi CT,

I’ve been dealing with some chronic tightness/inflammation in my levator scapulae that causes impingement-like symptoms during certain movements. I found in some of your old posts that you have dealt with something similar in the past and wanted to know what you did to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance, and let me know if more info can help with an answer.

Damn, biceps pain gets multiple responses but no love for the levators, huh?

You’re breaking my heart, CT!

Jk…I know you’re a busy dude who already puts out loads of free content. Hope the family is well!

I normally never answer any injury related questions online. I feel that it irresponsible without assessing the individual. But the “biceps” question was in reality a technique question which is why I answered it.

Yeah the problem is that it could be caused by many things and we aren’t doctors… Is it’s chronic then go see one

Ahh, no worries. I understand and that makes complete sense.

I guess I was hoping it was a simple technique fix that made the difference for you. I am thinking it has to do with me always strict pressing from the full rack/clean position.

I had an acute problem with that muscle during a press.
It was so bad it kept cramping up every couple of minutes.
Went to a Chiropractitioner for 3-5 sessions, got some injections and painkillers and a week later i could press again.
I realized that a shift position due to the pain can keep you from healing. So go see a doktor.

What helped me not getting hurt again is some neck stretching prior to pressing and actively trying not to cramp up in my neck on my last rep (which is beyond good form anyways, if i do). One time i forgot and got hurt again…

Good luck and get well!