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Leucine Trick for CKD?


Hey Coach. Question for you. I’m doing a CKD, love the idea of getting into ketosis quicker than the standard 2 1/2 days. If I could get in within a day (or a half!!) that would give me so much more flexibility.

So, at the end of my last carb up, I followed you leucine protocol. But choking down 10g of the power in water is tricky. Do you have any tricks to make the 10g go down easier? Something to mix it with?

Thanks for the tip, bro.



Take a tiny sip of water in your mouth. Put a teaspoon that’s not topped up too much into your mouth and wash it down with some gulps of water. Repeat 1-2-3 times depending on the sizes you took. The tiny sip of water before will help avoid getting it stuck on your tongue, so the leucine rides on top of the water down your throat, so to say.