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Leucine and Things That Mitigate Cheating


At the end of May, my gf for 3 yrs will be coming back from school for just a week before she goes off again to her internship. So I will take her out to a lot of restaurants that week. I was wondering, for those that tried Leucine, does it mitigate the damage of cheating. I'm planning on maybe doing some planned overreaching for these next few weeks. Do you guys have any advice or thoughts?


Why can't you eat decently at a restaurant?

Leu would be beneficial when calories and/or protein are low.


I can, but I also plan to be indulge on desserts. And usually really nice restaurants have really small portions.


By "damage of cheating", I'm assuming you mean gaining some body fat. I can't see how Leucine, an amino acid can prevent the storage of fat if you over indulge in calories. Excess calories are excess, meaning not needed and will be stored. Enjoy yourself and your time with your girlfriend. As you said, you don't see her that often. Screw your physique goals for that week.



Spending quality time with a girlfriend of 3 years is more important than physique goals in my opinion. But usually when I'm stuck in that situation and I go to a classy place, I just get steak and vegetables (hold the fancy sauces) and pass on the bread and desserts. Diet doesn't skip a beat at all.


obviously you just don't believe in magic. I heard if you close your eyes and say Tim Patterson's name 3 times before your cheat, he appears and sprinkles Leucine on your meal, and you won't gain fat!



I LOL'ed at this and your Third Law of Muscle joke on the other thread.


"Quality time" doesn't have to involve eating like shit. I'm going out tonight with my fiance to dinner and plan to spend quality time with her but still be intelligent with my food choices. If you want to cheat, that's one thing, most people work in cheat meals, but it sounds more like you're making an excuse to cheat. That's how it came off to me anyway. On the other hand, I can completely understand you wanting to "dip her cherry in some ice cream" for dessert after dinner but still stand by my first point.