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Leucine and it's Effectiveness


Just been hearing alot of good things about Leucine, Just wondering if someone can speak to its effectiveness or dispell this myth.
- Thanks


In all honesty the first time I used it I bought extremely over priced pills from GNC containing leucine and wheat powder. Used it on a cutting cycle and got what I consider to be AMAZING results. I kept all my muscle and shredded off some good fat.

That being said I hate the powder form because it's impossible to mix and therefore had to take consistently. If you can get pills or powder and divide it out into four equal doses of at least 3g a dose, then I think it'll be worth your while. Just don't expect anything super natural.


It's good. I'm worried about taking so much of it though because it spikes insulin (?) and I'm not sure, but isn't that a BAD thing? Don't you want to MINIMISE insulin spikes???


this has been posted before, but an easy way to take a powder is to put a little water in your mouth, spoon the powder in, and chug some more water. the powder goes down easy like this.


Curt I've tried that and coughing powder for about thirty minutes in not my idea of easy. and it's still more difficult carrying around powder leucine than it is pill form, and of course, therefore, much less convenient.


How to mix Biotest L-Leucine:

1) Add about 8 ounces hot water (preferably it is hot, but this is not mandatory) to a shaker bottle, Mason jar, or other container capable of being used for shaking

2) Add one scoop of the L-Leucine powder

3) Shake for at least about 15 seconds

Ready to drink.

Not impossible to mix.

(Note, if you use cold water, there will just be a little more than doesn't dissolve but will still drink down fine.)


You want to avoid excessive spikes followed by crashes. But that is not what happens.

If it were desirable to avoid insulin secretion completely or as near completely as possible, the answer would be to eat no carbs or protein. But part of the reason that that would be silly is because it is not desirable to have overly low insulin either.


It worked decent for me. I like it pre, Peri, and post workout.


I starting supplementing with BCAA's Peri, no L-Leucine pre, but leucine post. I can tell a huge difference with this. IMO BCAA's are still better.


If you eat enough quality protein, I don't think leucine will give any extra effect.


that's what I noticed. It would be most beneficial when protein intake per meal might be low (pre-bed shake, middle of the night shake, when dieting, etc).

when bulking, there's not many useful times for it since most meals will be adequate in Leu amount.


Good thing most people listen to the latest research rather that your opinion. :wink:


:wink: I'll dig afew out


Leucine is a BCAA.

So lets say you are taking 50g of BCAAs, you are getting ~22g of leucine.

Pound some whey


I've been using it consistently 3 to 4 times per day and my recovery level from workouts seems to be up.



Better to take w/ food or in between meals?


I'm liking the effects from taking it with meals, although it seems like it might be a good idea to use it between meals if you have to go for a prolonger period without food.