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Letting BCAAs Sit

hey guys! ive been reading around the site about PWO nutrition however im a bit confused mainly with timing of Surge/pwo drink… David Barr stated a 24 window for protein synthesis but some of the older articles state taking ur shake immediately after (0 minutes) and some state around 30 minutes later? which is it? i admit im one of the “as soon as it hits the floor” guys so im a bit confused. and how long after mixing BCAAs does it become less effective. would making the dirnk 2 hours before consuming it be a problem? thanks in advance!!

Straight after a workout if need a post workout drink just to stop feeling sick and listless. Perhaps those who don’t bother training properly can get away with not having one.

I’m pretty sure “as soon as possible” is when a PWO shake is suggested. Alot of people even drink Surge during their workout, myself included. I drink half a serving during, then chug the other half as soon as I’m done. I noticed the Surge during my workout helps keep my energy levels up.