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Let's Talk Tren

so everyone says “tren is king,” and it certainly seems to be the go-to drug for most. Having never used it I am intrigued and have a few questions:

-why is it “king”?
-is it an off-season mass builder, pre-contest, or both?
-what sort of dosages do you run, or would you recommend for a first-time tren user?
-high or low test?
-what sort of results have you had from it in the past?

all opinions appreciated

Mg per mg it’s probably the strongest out there
It doesnt aromatise
I think most people do at least 50 mg EOD of the Acetate, there’s now an Enthanate version, less injections p week
Should run test with it 100%

I actually picked up a bottle of the oral stuff that a friend of mine was selling cheap. I wonder how it compares…

Tren will put size on you and keep you lean and dry. my current cycle is soo sick.

Ive used tren, I ran 400mg of Tren A in my last cycle, I was running 800 mg of test so a 2/1 test tren ratio.

Why is it king?

Its the only steroid I’ve used that puts initial strength on within a few days of starting. The four weeks I ran it, I gained 10 lbs and lost 1% bf (Our gym will check bf for free). You look awesome.

When to use?

Its preference, but Ive talked to a few BB in my district and they all suggest using it precontest, 6 or 7 weeks out, which is what I plan on doing for my first show in 4 months and 2 days.


I personally like the high test low tren, but I did have a decent amount of sides (insomnia, night sweats, just sweaty all day) My buddy who is on now is running high tren low test, i think about 600mg tren and 400mg test and the only side he seems to be getting is just being sweatier throughout the day, no insomnia or night sweats.


I got great results from high test low tren, I think people on the site can argue both sides for test tren ratio. I used it once for 4 weeks, 5 months ago, and I cant say I dont think about tren at least once a day. Im so exciting to get back on in a month or so.

I’m in the same boat as you RDS. Never tried it, but just picked up some for my planned cycle starting march. I’m going with high Tren low Test as it seems that cuts down a lot of the sides. Planning 75mg/day of Tren A and 25mg/day of Test P for 10 weeks. Going to kickstart the cycle with 30-50mg/day of Dbol for 4 weeks and finish it with 4 weeks of Anavar at around 60-80mg/day. If the Tren sides seem stable ill probably slowly increase my test dose up to 50mg/day. Looking forward to getting started, and seeing what Tren has to offer me. Any good stories or suggestions from some experienced Tren users is always great to read and appreciated.

some cool responses here guys, keep em coming

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In terms of potency to cost to amount that needs to be used, there is nothing that can beat it.

Only potential downside is if you experience cramps with it. I know personally I was fine in the gym but cardio wise I was stunted.

Tren ace and test prop with ED injections for 8 weeks can’t be beat really in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. You will gain clean size and lots of strength.

To me, no Tren = no cycle. Not that it’s accurate in results, but that’s how it feels like. It’s that powerful. All the things AAS are famous for, well Tren gives it to you.

Since Tren is more suppressive, I’ll cut it 2-4 weeks before the cycle ends, and while I’m sure it helps recuperate faster, the bad thing is I feel “off” already in comparison. With the stasis/taper I do after the cycle, my “pre-off” period feels long, too long. But at least I go off without any consequence.

I use a low Tren high Test approach. I tried the other way around as suggested by some here but didn’t like it. My cardio is great thanks to MMA training and long distance cycling. It’s my strong point. So while it does lower on Tren, the muscle endurance is better so overall it’s still a benefit. The calves cramp up fast though. No running besides sprints is possible.

As for sides, in the past I’ve gotten night sweats but it’s been a while. The second time I used Tren it’s like my lizard brain was activated. I felt like a cold blooded serial killer, ready to snap but “reptile calm” in general. Weird. Only happened one cycle, but hey, be warned. I get lighter sleep, but I don’t really mind as I need one hour less of sleep on Tren!

man I think I’m sold on tren, however my next cycle’s going to be the classic test/deca/dianabol. I’ll save tren til I cut.

this is a really good thread, finally!

I think I’m sold on tren too… what bugs me is the tren-dick. One of my boys was on it and said his libido was thru the roof, while ive read a lot of users saying that it completely kills their libido?

What’s your guys’ take on that ?

I think for safety sake I would like to mention that no one just jump into using tren. A person needs to have significant knowledge and numerous cycles under their belt to really appreciate this drug.

That being said a normal cycle is like a bowl of ice cream; a scoop of chocolate, scoop of vanilla and a scoop of strawberry. On its own its a descent stack but adding tren is covering said ice cream stack with whip cream, chocolate syrup and smashed oreos. Point being its sends it over the top!

I love Tren but be warned that from reading forums, you’ll see that some don’t handle it well. And you don’t know how you’ll react until you use it.

As for libido and hardness, it’s over the top awesome! Too much even. Just don’t use it for too long (more than 8 weeks as an example for many people) as your prolactin levels can raise to a point it affects libido and hardness negatively.

Gonna be startin my tren/prop cycle in January and can’t wait. Been looking forward to using tren for a long time. Thanks guys for your input on your experiences

BUDs…how are you planning on running your cycle?

I plan on doing this

Week 1-6 tren A 50mg ED
week 1-8 test prop 30mg ED

I’m going start low and see how I feel, if everything goes ok then I might bump up the tren to 75mg ED. Might push the tren to 8 weeks and the prop to 10 weeks if I’m feeling good

Why are you planning on cutting it 2 weeks prior to your test?
could you not be inclined to up your test for the last 2 weeks?

I was thinking about just cruising on the test for a couple weeks before pct, would you run the ace as long as the prop? Or the last 2 weeks upping the test?

I’d only cruise if you were using Tren E and waiting for the ester to clear, or perhaps if you were running high tren, high test and tapering into pct. I’d think you’d get more out of running the tren as long as the test, rather than stopping the tren and upping your test.

Thanks smalsh for your input I’m gonna take it into consideration