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Let's Talk Televisions


I am currently in the market for a new television as my roommate has moved out and took his with him.

Not knowing a lot about TVs I went to Best Buy almost expecting the sales guys to sell me a top of the line led/3d, 1080p, 240hz, 03932920482908403480million mega pixel TV, that was out of my price range. Instead, both of the sales guys I spoke with not only deterred me away from led's but insisted I buy a plasma, Panasonic none the less.

I was under the impression that for what my main viewing is...Sports, movies, cooking shows, news, anything Kim Kardashian related, discovery and ngo channels, and shit like that, that an led was the best to buy. However, this newly acquired information has thrown everything I've been previously told in a loop. Annnd now I'm back to not knowing what kind of TV I should buy.

So as well as spending some time researching via the interwebz, I�¢??m wondering what others opinions are on the matter.

So lets talk about TVs


tv sucks

why buy something so expensive to watch law and order reruns?


I hook my computer up to them and use the tv screen to watch oversize viewings of porn..so what


OMG you can do that???

what kinda porn you like man?


How much are you willing to spend?

Anyone who thinks a plasma looks better than an LED TV is insane IMO. LED/LCD TV's have come a long way, and there is no advantage of a plasma.

I had a Bravia 40" LCD before, and bought a decidedly low-mid range Samsung LED TV ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004TB4W4Q/ ) which comes with Samsung Smart TV - YouTube, music, movies, etc. It plugs into your router and you can stream everything wireless.

I setup a NAS drive and don't even need my computer on anymore to watch movies or listen to music.


I'm suprised that they even still have plasmas, I thought they quit making them. After 2-5 years you will have to refill the plasma gas. Also, if you are using it for video games, or watching porn through your computer as you mentioned you may be left with "burnt-in" images that stay there. (like the startup bar at the bottom of you computer screen that is always there, if it sits there for a while it won't go away even when you change the input, since it will be "burnt-in"). They may be trying to get rid of the lasts ones.

I would suggest going for 120Hz. I suggest that since I actually noticed* it on my friends tv without knowing that it had the increased frequency, this tells me that it would be worth a few extra bucks as you can really notice the smoother movements, especially during sports, but still noticeable otherwise.

LED may not be neccessary though, but of course YOU should determine that for yourself. I've heard that Samsung and I think* sony are the 2 best brands, I have a samsung (lower-end model) 32" that I got for $330 last thanksgiving and I like it a lot, very vibrant.

Cliff notes:
Don't get a plasma
consider at least a 120hz tv
look at samsung


After reading up on all the features, price etc, I went into the store thinking I had found my TV. Then when I got there and actually started looking at them I went with another.

I went with Sharp. Reason, the Sharp looked the best to my eyes, not the Panosonic. They were both priced the same, same features pretty much.

Op, don't get hung up on a brand because when you get to the store for some reason another brand may look better to you, everybodys different. Due dilligence is good but you never know till you see it in front of you. The salesman says it happens all the time

Also, don't buy one that is too big for the room. I almost went with a 52" but settled for a 48", it was the right choice, 52" would have been way too big.

My2c and good luck, it's tough to pull the trigger when there are so many great brands to chose from.


Please don't give out anymore TV advice. kthnxbye.


And Dr. Pangloss zips in there for the win!

Seriously, you have to genuinely abuse a newer generation plasma TV to get that burn in image, if you can even do it at all. Many of the newer sets flicker (totally unnoticed) to avoid the burn in. If it doesn't you can purchase a unit to hook inbetween input and tv to do this automatically to avoid a burn.

I have a a Samsung 55" 1080p in both LED and plasma. Honestly, I prefer the plasma, not sure why, the screen just looks more normal to me. The LED just makes things look a bit fake. Just my opinion though. The main reason to look at plasma over LED is the price, my plasma was 950, the led was around 2500. The main reason to look at LED over plasma is the heat it pumps out and the electricity it saves. Which picture is better is entirely up to you.


There are more TVs in America than people.

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I have a 40 inch LED Sanyo and a 50 inch Plasma Toshiba that I have had for 5-6 years now. To me the Plasma just looks better, also only time I have see some burn is if we leave the PS3 up and walk away for 25-20 minutes. Which is hardly ever. And it goes right away when we turn on the game.

I think the brand is a little more important than the Plasma vs LED debate.


I have a 50" Panasonic plasma and love it. I don't notice a huge difference between LED and plasma when watching sports, but watching movies (particularly ones with a lot of dark scenes) is much better on the plasma, IMO.

I have had it for almost 2 years and have zero issues with burn in. Sometimes if I have been playing a game for a while I will just wash out the screen with a scrolling white bar to be safe, but that's it.


Walk into the store and let your eyes and ears (if you don't have surround) do the choosing.


Anywhere from 800 to 1200, obviously if some incredible deal comes along that is more then I probably wouldn't pass it up, but itd have to be pretty incredible.
Idealy Id like to stay at 1,000$.


Ha yeah you're telling me, I've been to 4 different stores and yet have been able to choose.


With plasmas I heard there was a lot of glear coming off of the screen in different lighting situations. Have you had any problems with this or experienced this with your plasma compared to your led?


Hows the sound quality from that tv? Do you have surround sound or just the tv? I've been looking at the 50" panasonic plasma at Best Buy right now its on sale for 1100. The only things I'm now worried about with plasmas are the energy they use (as they will basically be on all day sundays ect), and the level of glare they have.


Fuck yes :slight_smile:


Yeah they did, but my wallet quickly vetoed the decision. My eyes and ears were pissed put up a valiant fight but in the end lost.


I'm saving up for a new sound system as my old receiver died a while back and it only had 4 channels to begin with :frowning:

The thing does throw off a lot of heat which was a bitch during July when it was hot as balls here. I am, however, very much looking forward to cuddling up to it this winter.

You can't put the TV right in front of a window like you could with an LED, but I have a small standing lamp next to mine and never had any problems. If it is a really dark movie though I have noticed that a light behind me will put a reflection on the screen. But then I just pretend like I am in the movie :slight_smile:

Hey Max!! How's that karma been treating you :wink: