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Let's Talk PR's, How'd it Feel?


Just hit a PR yesterday with overhead dumbbell presses. 100 pounders for 4 reps. I know that's probably not much here, but for me that was a major pr. Anyone else hit any pr's lately?


1 month ago I pulled 405. i wuz happy


nice....all the shapers (guys that do curls n shit) were staring at me the whole time.


Yah God forbid people actually work their biceps, what a bunch of tools!


It made me feel like the manliest man, ever.


My balls grew half an inch. In all directions.


I thought these forums were supposed to be better than bodybuilding .com


Don't forget you're in Get a Life.


Hmmm... go do a full investigative report there, and get back to us never.


They are...
My balls grew as well.


i meant the guys that do that and nothing else.....smart much?


No, you said "curls n shit".

The "n shit" means more than just curls.


imhungry, you obviously fail at reading comprehension..

Oh wait, you're right.


See, I grew up in the 'burbs, so I understand "n shit" and other 'burb slang.



Exactly...smart much OP?


You talk a lot of shit for someone who thinks

is the pinnacle of intelligent thread topics to distinguish T-Nation from BB.com


I was just joking guys, I've never hit a PR.


Good, that would be a racist hate crime.


But, you sure would shake the shit out of one.....


And while I'm at it...

Take your pitiful attempt at wagging your e-penis for all us e-people to e-suck and shove it up your ass.

Pic's or it didn't fucking happen.