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Let's Talk Leg Day


Just wanna start a thread where people can pick up new or unusual lifts for future reference, and i need a new lift to add to my leg routines.


Mine's pretty boring. Squats, split squats, and leg extensions for quads. Leg curls and stiff-legged RDL's for hams.

The only thing remotely different that I do is weighted stretches immediately after each set of leg curls and extensions.


Why do you need a new lift?


A new lift is needed to switch in and out of assistance work. I use the back squat as my primary lift, but cycle secondary lifts.


Depends why you lift. If you lift to get stronger and reach certain strength or physique goals, doing "unusual" lifts doesn't make a lot of sense to me because usually if something works well it's a "usual" lift. If you lift to stay in shape and have some fun during your lifting there are a lot of lifts to try.

Back squats, front squats, leg press, split squats, RDL's, Leg extensions, leg curls, lunges are all lifts I've done in the past and worked well.

Pull throughs, hip thrusts, step ups, single leg squats, glute kickbacks, glute-ham raises, kettlebell swings, goblet squats are all lifts I've never performed with any regularity because, in my opinion, they don't really fit my goal of building the best physique possible. (Well, GHR might be great but they seem like a huge injury risk to me the couple of times I've given them a shot).


I think the backwards sled drag is a very underutilized and HIGHLY effective leg training movement. No eccentric movement and will completely blow up your quads. If you really are a sadist, put it at the end of a medley.


with the reverse sled drag should I put the rope in an advantageous position like around the waist or just keep the rope in hand?


Try both out and see which ones makes your legs feel nuked the most. Then do that one.


If your goal is a bigger squat, you need to identify your weak point in the squat and use a lift that strengthens it for your accessory lift. Randomly changing it with no reason behind exercise selection isn't going to get you anywhere.


This was kinda what I was getting at. Changing your program because you feel like it or because you always have done doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me. I don't mean this as a knock, I'm just saying that figuring out what, specifically, about your current program is failing you in moving towards your goals will go a long way to fix it.


Continuing on the theme here

Safety squat bar squats: I don't care who you are or what your goals are, you need a safety squat bar. Along with allowing some brutal leg workouts, this will develop muscles in your upper back you didn't even know you had.

Chain suspended squats: Performed from the bottom up. Either rest the bar in the chains each rep or start the first one from the bottom and tap the chains each time. Use various heights, to include the super taboo ABOVE parallel height.

Reverse band squats: If you're really a sadist, do these without a lockout at the top.

Car deadlift simulator: How did I forget about this. Use this video for reference

If you stand in front of the plates, it'll hammer the quads something fierce.


i like that I will try that


If you wanna get nasty...


Occluded leg extensions to failure, then backwards sled drag/prowler push and vomit.


But don't I lose internet points if my squats aren't below parallel?


I'll echo the suggestion of including safety bar squats. Brutal on the legs, for sure, and much easier on the shoulders.

Don't forget about adding chains. I really like the way they follow the strength curve. 12 rep sets with no lockout and short rest times (30-60 sec) will murder your quads and let you know where your conditioning stands.


Well, yeah, but I consider a -1 to Internet points as a +1 to real world points.


I don't like to stray too far from competition style lifts, the more similar they are the better for me. When im not training specifically for a meet I like to use:
front squat- 5-10 rep range on deadlift days
safety bar squat
high bar atg squat
dimmel DL (really hits hamstrings)


What about the dick cancer? I've heard high squatting and other non-functional training gives you dick cancer.


I feel like this is exactly how you get rhabdomyolysis, haha.

I was thinking something like starting with a sandbag, a keg, and a sled at the same start point.

Sandbag 75'
Sprint back
Keg 75'
Stagger back
Reverse sled drag 75'
Dry heave AMRAP