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Let's Talk Grills (BBQ)


Pops is the market for a new grill, assigned me to research since I use it quite a bit.

~$500 max is the budget.

Anyone recently purchase a grill or know what the deal is on the new grills? Looking for most bang for buck of course, who the hell isn't though right?


Weber Grills. Easy to put together, to change parts, and you'll get at least 10 years out of it, probably more.


Ran across this a few days ago


That'd be nice, I think we got about 5 years out of this one. It's a Vermont Castings. Bitch is rusted out leaning to one side.

Sweet, reading through it now.

EDIT- After reading it also leads me to more questions... Infrared?

How badass is infrared? Is it worth it?


May be scientific merit to it, but sounds... too fancy. I'd just be a propane man - reliable, easy, consistent.


Real men use charcoal. (hardwood) Check out the PK Grill. Best one made, hands down.


Real men use charcoal. (hardwood) Check out the PK Grill. Best one made, hands down.


I advise against charcoal if you're going to use it every day like I do. Charcoal is a pain in the dick.


Ditto. Charcoal is awesome and definitely gives meat the best flavor, IMO, but I grill multiple times a day in the summer so it's just so much easier to turn the tank on and hit a button.


X2 To that!
I do exactly the same thing. Just make sure you get some Hicky wood chunks for flavor!!!
I would check with Home Depot, they always seem to have very good deals on grills.


it depends on what you are cooking. For me, brisket, turkey, anything you cook for a long time is best on wood. But quick stuff like steaks, fish, chicken breasts, hot dogs, and burgers, nothing beats the convenience of a gas grill. I'd put the big bucks in a gas grill and pick up a smoker for stuff you want to slow cook.

No reason you cant have a gas and a charcoal/wood grill. That's how I roll. But then again, I'm from Texas. We cook outside more than we cook inside even in the rain and bad weather.

Similar to my gas grill:


I couldnt find my smoker online, but its similar to this:



X3000. Unless you are trying to win a steak cooking competition for 10,000 bucks, use a god damn propane grill. It's cleaner, quicker and coasts less, and it STILL gives you an absolutely delicious steak if you know anything about cooking a steak on a grill.




Mesquite FTW.....you must not be from the south


Got mine from WalMart 12 years ago. Still works like a champ.


Sits outside all winter (which is like 9 months here) and takes a beating. I've replaced the burner unit twice for like 10 bucks a pop.


Hah I am as south as it gets! South Florida!! LOL!!!!

On a side note im not sure how i wrote hicky?? haha, shows you where my mind is.


I have never seen that recipe thread of yours. Makes me hungry. I got myself a shitty grill for $50 so I might have to learn some of these recipes.


Sorry bro, I'm from NY and even I know south florida is NOT the south.



Traeger Pellet Grills, ease of gas, taste of hardwood.