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Let's Talk Fish


So everyone knows Salmon and Tuna are godlike but what other Fish are ace?

I don't fish at all and know little about them. I just bought some frozen Steelhead Trout from Costco for about the same price as the frozen Salmon and am finding it delicious. According to the bag it has 35g of protein in a serving. So is there a downside to Trout or why have I never heard anyone mention it on the same level as Salmon for example?

I've been preparing it by putting it in the oven with some smartbalance, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and coriander.

Any other Fish you all enjoy and ways to prepare it?


Canned Mackerel


I own a fish store on the side. Make sure it is wild caught. this way it has the right ratios of omega 3's. Nasty stuff done to farm raised fishes to keep them healthy and right color. stay away from color added products. they may look better but.... I love Chilean Sea Bass, Halibut, Orange Roughy, Cod, Salmon, Swordfish. try them all, good variety. look them up on Calorieking.com to see how much fat they each have. Salmon is one of the fattier fishes. COd is lean.


For the love of god, never buy "arrowtooth flounder". No matter how cheap it is. It's not really a flounder, and it turns into glue when it's cooked.


Sea bass, Monkfish, Catfish (yes, Catfish!), Halibut and Mackerel.


Straight up favorites are Wahoo and Cobia, prepared
simply with the broiler.


Not sure if you can buy them in the store. We catch them
just offshore here.


Gotta watch the catfish as most is farmed. Tilapia is the easiest fish to farm. I would not eat it. As for Salmon, only eat Pacific Salmon as it can not be farmed because the fish will not reproduce in captivity. Most all Atlantic Salmon, or Scottish Salmon is farmed. it does not have as high of ratio of omega 3's and it the fish get sea lice in the farms, they are feed drugs to combat this. also due to being in captivity, the meat is a greyish color, and the fish are feed a chemical that dyes the meat back to pink/orange color. this chemical is very bad for the human liver.

Ask me any questions if you want.


How do we feel about Octopus?


Octopus or squid? I dont eat octopus. Most of it comes from southeast asia.


I usually prefer Cod fish and Salmon. I don't know if you call it Cod Fish in the USA? I find it easy to cook (literally minutes) and I just add lemon.

Octopus is okay I get, gets enjoyed a lot around here but I don't really like it too much.


One thing I like doing is mixing canned mackerel up with a scoop of whey protein. mmmmmmm


Same here; cod, haddock and salmon are my 3 fish of choice.

Hake and kingklip are also delicious white-meat salt water fish, but a little harder to come by in the UK.


Trout is a member of the salmon family and subfamily (salmoninae sp?). I'm not a biology guy I just enjoy catching, viewing and eating (if the fish tastes good, I mainly catch and release).

I love to fish. Freshwater (living in Minnesota) and have only been able to fish salt 4 times. My favorite fish I've caught and eaten!

1) Walleye (white meat delivious cooked in butter or lightly breaded)
2) Trout (oily, but kindof dependent on species or diet of the fish, sometimes like "salmon" sometimes not so much lol)
3) Salmon

Salty North:
1) Halibut (white pan cooked or baked in butter with lemon)

Salty South:
1) Yellow fin tuna (raw dog, sashimi boom)
2) Hogfish (crazy delicious white fish that eats crabs and other crustaceounz so it tastes like crab)
2) Wahoo
3) Mahi Mahi (dorado)


Here's a question--I eat a lot of fish every day. At least 600cals worth of salmon and 400 of mackerel, along with tuna. Do I still need to take fish oil tabs?


Damn I hate you all just did my weekly shopping and instead of buying Farmed Steelhead Trout I went with the only frozen wild 'red' fish they had which was Wild Sockeye. $10 more expensive though it did come with 2 more servings. Why is good food so damn expensive :,(


i love mackral and herrings, clean em put in foil and put them in the oven 200 deg for about 20/25mins put your salt n pepper or lemon or what ever on after . if you havnt tried get some fresh tuna and fresh sardines , compared to the tinned versions there like chalk and cheese . fish really is fast food imo


Probably not, but I'd worry about mercury poisoning, you might want to get that tested.


My favorite fish is high end tuna. Preferably sushi grade seared on the outside and rare in the middle. Or just raw.

I eat lots of salmon at work for lunch. Usually the Costco wild caught frozen Sockeye. I also get fresh Cod at Costco which my wife fries with a seasoning rub and we have fish tacos with it. One of my favorite dinners.

Chilean Sea Bass is freaking delish.

I prefer saltwater fish to freshwater but I do like trout and fried catfish. Walleye, I just find it overrated by the Minnesota crowd.

Halibut is great but too expensive.

Callimare steaks not rings.

I don't like eating octopus. They're just too cool of a creature to kill. I have been known to snack on the little baby ones though.


Grouper, Halibut, Sea Bass, Red Snapper, Cod and wild salmon are my favorites. I have made the mistake of buying the Steelhead Farm fed trout sold at costco here in MN. Its not bad. It is a little less fishy than salmon.