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Let's Talk Fertility

She and I have decided we’re about 1-1.5 years out from trying to conceive. Currently on 168mg T cyp a week and no sperm in sight.

Been thinking of start HCG soon (or at least by summer) and either staying on it, or cycling it every few months to wake the boys up a bit. She and I would not mind the boys being bigger either.

My doctor also suggested switching to nandrolone, but I’m not sure how that would help anything.

Any other suggestions?

Why are you on this much?

I took HCG for 1000 IU thrice per week for years with my TRT of 100 mg per week. I have two kids from it.

It’s simple.

I might start HCG again as we ponder a third kid.


I’d drop it a bit, but I seem to do best sexually when my FT is over 30 (even better, 40). Just got some results back actually:


What were your levels like when you were on HCG? I think my lack of success with HCG in the past has been due to me not lowering T cyp at the same time.

Just start taking hcg now. That anyone on trt is not using it in conjunction with their current therapy is puzzling to me. The sooner you get on the better the results. And if you don’t get enough results then you’re going to have to spend many thousands of the dollars per month on HMG. Best to avoid that if possible.

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Yea fair point. My dr apparently gets some sort of better pricing on HCG through Empower too.

If I’m on a modest dose of, say, 900IU/week, do you think I’ll be cranking out sperm? Not trying to be super fertile until we’re ready. I’ve really become complacent with not having to worry about kids on just T cyp.

I would do what your doing until you get more serious. Literature demonstrates that even lower than that will maintain ITT (intertesticular testosterone), which is linked to spermiogenesis.

Once you get more serious, you could get a sperm test to evaluate if your protocol is sufficient.

For now stay the course (at least what I would do). I would also recommend you practice the act of intercourse as much as possible so you are ready when the time comes.

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Love the last part.

Also, anyone know what’s up with my doctor suggesting nandrolone for fertility? Seems off from what I know.

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Your sperm count will be low regardless of the dose.

There are two reasons to use hCG, fertility or cosmetic, i.e. increasing testicular size. If cosmetic does not matter, you can wait until you’re ready to work on that baby. If it is testicular atrophy, then I’d cycle it throughout the year. Men do not have much hCG, so it is not natural to have high levels of it. Guys who have been on TRT for one or more years have conceived within two months of using hCG. Dose we use is 250IU three times a week or 350IU twice a week.

One of my patients had his wife pregnant four times last year, starting within two months of adding hCG. His wife miscarried all of them. OB couldn’t figure it out, so she told his wife she was miscarrying because her husband was on testosterone. Can’t make this stuff up.

Then I would not change anything.

There is no need for hCG unless trying to conceive or keep the boys plumped up.
Whatever dose you end up using, you’ll know it’s working if your testicular size increases.

I’m convinced some TRT clinics just sell hCG like it’s some sort of up charge, given to older guys not interested in children, unconcerned with atrophy, vasectomies. Then younger guys not even in relationships, or gay.

Wait until you’re ready to conceive.

No. I don’t know what is worse, that, or telling a woman she miscarried because her husband is on TRT.

If you want some peace of mind, run hCG for six weeks. Testicular size returns in about one to two weeks, so you’ll know it is working.


1000 IU per week wasn’t enough for me. I needed 3000 IU per week. Get the fertility test.

Your sperm count will be suppressed no matter what TRT dose. My T count was usually 700 to 900 with TRT and HCG. My last test without HCG one day after injecting 100 mg was 800-plus.

BTW, HCG actually doesn’t increase testicular size for all.

What kind of doctor do you go to? Urologist or endocrinologist?

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I was thinking the same.

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You’re the man. Thanks for all the input.

Yikes. Didn’t know that was a thing.

Both. Neuroendocrinologist specifically, for a pituitary tumor.

Urologist is Dr Rotman in NYC.

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My friend used to go to him.

I’m from Queens, BTW. I lived there for 37 years. I’m now in LI.

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Oh shit nice man!

Why’d you’re friend stop seeing him?

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I’m not sure actually. What borough are you from if you don’t mind me asking?

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Brooklyn - Bushwick specifically. Where do you work out these days?

I used to work in Bushwick, Myrtle Avenue and Bushwick Avenue, and used to visit the Bushwick Collective. I have cool flicks of me there.

I work out at South Shore Iron in Patchogue.