Let's Talk Deloads

I feel like i could benefit from a deload but not sure what would be the best approach. 531 books have different methods and the preferred ones also change as the time goes on.

I guess i would like to just skip all the barbell work for a week or two weeks - depending on how i will feel. No “work up to your TM for 1 rep” and no “50% of your TM” - just NOT DO any barbell stuff.
So my first question is - is this ok, or is there a reason why people DONT drop the barbell work completely while deloading?

And my second question is - can i push bodyweight movements, some kettlebells, arm pump work and some cardio, or is it better to not push anything?

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I just spend the week doing conditioning

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more than normally? like you just do extra days?

I’ve never done a formal deload, but I just do whatever Mike Israetel says at any given time… If you’re interested, here’s a few videos that might give more insight than I could.

Feel free to not watch the videos - I have a bad habit of ignoring literally every youtube link ever sent to me. If you’re afflicted with the same condition (joking), don’t feel obligated to watch any of these


I will definetly watch them all. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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I do conditioning every day no matter what

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Some guys get real nervous and squirrely if they don’t do the barbell lifts every few days. 2 weeks without barbells would make them super nervous.

If you’re trying to deload because you’re “worked up” or “experiencing CNS fatigue” it would probably be best not to push anything too hard and stress yourself out when you’re supposed to be resting.

As you get into the swing of regular training cycles and structured deloads you get better at managing fatigue and smarter about how much work you do. At that point your deloads don’t need to be as easy.


I don’t remember how long Dave Tate has people give up the barbell per year but there’s a pretty substantial block without barbell work. 8 weeks or something. @dagill2 do you remember?


Sounds about right, a short recovery block after every meet. Assuming 2 meets a year and a 4 week block.

What do you fear about giving up barbell work for a short period of time? Isn’t walrus training entirely void of straight bar work? If you are considering it, do it. You’ll learn about you from the experience. That’s pretty cool and valuable.


I like barbells though. And SSBs. Trap-bars. Logs. But if I’m sick of something I’ll do something else for a time. Or feel beat up joint-wise. Forcing it never worked for me unless the definition of works is making the issues worse.


I dont fear it i just wanted to know if MAYBE there is some aspect i havent tought off, because in my mind the best deload would be to not touch barbell at all for a while.

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The only thing I can think of is skill

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