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Let's talk about Warrior eating?


What is your hybrid going to be specifically?

Heres the plan that I'm looking at doing right now:

Breakfast (7 or 8 am) : 1 cup yogurt,1 cup cottage cheese, 3tblspn of ground flaxseed..

throughout the day: undereat on raw foods (pumpkin seeds, fruits, veggies) whenever i feel really really hungry…and maybe a little cheese, but basically nothing substantial…

I usually train around noon… still haven’t decided if i need to incorporate a post-workout… i’m sort of curious to see what happens without it.

dinner (round 9pm) - Salad, Probably a whole bunch of veggies, cheese, soups, beans, rice… etc… my girlfriend is a great cook so basically i just make suggestions about what direction to go nutritionally (ie “why don’t we try to put more protein in this meal somehow?”)

Another thing that occured to me is that it might be beneficial to cycle when during the day the overfeed occurs… yes, Ori thinks it should be at night, but i suspect there might be better times… according to a lot of ayurvedic and TCM books on nutrition, nighttime is not the best time to eat one’s largest meal… ost of those books suggest that between 10am-2pm is when the body is best able to utilize foods, and that 10pm-2am is when the body is naturally inclined to detoxify and whatnot.

I think its an idea worth exploring. If I can do it - I may try to change up the overfeeding times during the day for 6 weeks at a time and see if i recognize a benefit to one over another.


I originally posted that the “big meal” will be a the best time for convenience. I totally see your point and therefore have said that depending on workout time the big meal has to be placed accordingly.

What I propose is to have a small meal after workouts then the big meal either before the workout or hours after it.
for example: I train with RT style at 10am, then boxing at 8pm. So, after a weight session I will have a post workout type meal, I personally enjoy maybe a MRP, Sandwiches, or an actual Post-recovery drink. Then after boxing I will have my SUPER MEAL. Now, on Thursdays-Sundays I only lift or train RT with no boxing, so I will lift around a late afternoon and have a huge meal around 10am-12pm. Then after my workout I will have a post recovery.

Well, it’s late so if I missed or left something uncovered, please reply and I will try and answer. Also, if I sound a bit un-intellectual, Im dead tired from boxing. So excuse the grammer, language, etc…

Da Boxer

Breaking down the idea behind this whole HYBRID-Warrior idea goes as follows:
If one is hungry during the day and cannot hold off till dinner then simply eat protein. Also, Glutamine supplementation on an empty stomach in doses of 3-5g is recommended through out the day. The big meal is to last around 3-4 hours. This is a plan to help stay lean for those who prefer the lean look and have currently little ambition to attain muscle mass, or is currently not undergoing a hypertrophy type trainig routine.