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Let's talk about Warrior eating?

When I train at the Gym it’s incredible how many times and how often I get the question “how do stay lean for so long? do you starve yourself?” I usually laugh and quickly say I eat instinctively. Then walk away to not leave my routine. Then once Im done I constantly get the questions. Well a lot of people tell me of how they tried this and that and then they always tell me that they were the leanest and best when they knew nothing about nutrition and skipped meals simply because of unawareness. So I get to thinking that, Yes I eat instinctively but try and eat enough. I eat when hungry and eat plenty. Sometimes it’s twice a day! three times a day, and four times a day at most so far. Ive followed this for about three years now and have never gone above 6-7%Bf. When I do realize ive added some pounds I usually and have been for some time following Joel Marions cheater diet for two weeks and Im back down to the 6% range. So, I got to thinking about the Warrior Diet by Ori, I just read the book and well Im almost convinced that he has a great point. I usually eat three main meals a day but would love to hear what others have gone through and which meal habits or routines have worked best for them? I will try and post a picture at the photo forum sometime soon to back my word up.

Respectfully, I ask you how tall are you and what do you weigh? I think everyone agrees that not eating a lot will make you skinny.

FAQ’s, search engine on the forums, search on the previous articles (“The diet manifesto”)it’s ALL THERE dude. I know for certain for example that the topic was only discussed in the “Lair of the Ice dog” forum as recently as last week.

Don’t mean to sound gripey, but go look, then if you’re still unsure come back to us. <p.
FWIW, IMO it’s a romantic idea that just doesn’t work in practice. For anyone who trains, you simply go too long without sustenance for it to be healthy or beneficial.

Good luck, SRS

I’m sure Boxer Al knows about the thread on the Lair, as I know he frequents it. Recently I was on holiday and leaned up a fair bit by eating later in the day, 10am was not unusual. I prob had slightly less calories than normal but was totally chilled out. I still trained for 75-90 mins using jump rope, gpp and bodyweight exercises, 2 days on 1 off. I think it depends upon your goals, if you want to be lean and athletic the warrior or similar low cal diets can work ok. If you want to get big you gotta eat big.

SRS, I have read those threads as well as the FAQ, as well as the “Diet Manifesto.” Believe me I know exactly what Im talking about. But, I just find it odd that still eating at maintance level calories according to John Berardi I am able to stay leaner with less meals but of course larger portions. I was simply hoping other could share their experiences, as did Hyphnz, about their previous or current dietary habits? I love the nutrition game and always enjoy to hear experiences instead of an actual “Diet routine.” As for your questions, I actually had a body composition done today since I fight in two weeks at the Hyatt. Anyways, my measurements were 151Lbs., 4.7%BF, 5’6". The test was measured with the 7 spot pollock pinch test with calipers(not the plastic kind, the kind that Jason Norcross recommended, weight was with training clothes and sweatshirt on, no shoes). So with my underwear only Im sure Im down to 149-150LBS. I currently consume around 2500-3000 calories a day with three meals usually sometimes two, sometimes four. As you can tell I love detail and love to chat about nutrition.

Sorry dude, I looked at the post, not the poster’s name. I know and appreciate you frequent most of the forums, and if I had seen it was you, I wouldn’t have replied so.

OK then, to elaborate, I am in a similar scenario to you (pretty lean, high LBM%, at present), and I stay that way most of the time. (I have been involved in some kind of weight-making sport most of my life). I did try the Warrior for a (LONG!) week a couple years ago. As I said, theory sounds beautiful. However for someone like you and me, it’s JUST TOO LONG to go without- you’ve GOT to be starting on your muscle protein supplies before the day is out. By the time I got to the evening, I felt almost diabetic hypo (or at least what I think that feels like).

Also found it very difficult to eat enough at that 1 meal- hey, your stomach’s only so big!

That’s just me, but I think a lot of others have felt the same way.

As you will have read in the recent thread on LOID, (I think started by Greekdawg), there has been SOME success with a modification of the diet, taking in a couple of small meals during the day to stave off hunger/catabolism. But then, it’s not the Warrior diet anymore is it? It’s a hybridisation.

Just my 10c, FWIW.

Apologise for any offense caused above. SRS

I tried the Warrior Diet for a week and a half, but stopped, since an eratic sleeping schedule was making it difficult to time the overeating phase.

The first day was difficult, but after that I adjusted very quickly. My strength and energy actually improved slightly, and every dinner felt like Thanksgiving. The first night I was so hungry, I was laughing when I started my dinner with a salad. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely try it again once I get a job and can keep my sleeping consistent.

I tried the Warrior Diet for a week and the hunger pains were too much for me. It was a violation to my rights to eat like a T-man. Plus there is no way in hell I could meet my caloric requirements in 1 meal, especially at the end of the day. How well can you sleep with a couple chicken breasts, veggies, and yam sittin in your gut. I am 6’1 220 lbs and I would rather go with the smaller frequent meals. It might be a bit more tedious, but it does wonders for my sanity.

The Warrior Diet doesn’t recommened one huge meal; more like 12-13 hours of undereating, then 3-4 hours of overeating.

And you’d be suprised how much food will fit inside you after fasting all day, and how quickly your stomach makes more room.

I really think the number of meals and the amount of food you eat in a day depends on your bodytype. Ectomorphs have to eat a lot and at frequent intervals to see positive lbm and strength gains. But I don’t believe it’s as critical a factor for success for all weight lifting athletes as many of the experts would have you believe. I eat when I’m hungry, sometimes that’s 5x/dy and sometimes it’s only twice. Sometimes I get over 200g protein/dy and sometimes it’s probably only around 100g. During periods of more intense training I eat more and less during less intense training periods. I keep my carbs below 50g/dy in the form of green vegetables, as they negatively effect my bodyfat, energy levels and mental alertness. Every couple of weeks when I’m really craving some sweets, I’ll eat junk food all day long. I don’t keep a food log any longer, but when I did I consumed only around 2000 calories a day to maintain my bodyweight. Currently I’m 5’9, 210lbs., 9-10%bf, I lift heavy all the time and rarely train with reps over 5. I full squat 5 plates a side for lots of reps and bench 315 for lots of reps. Ya, I’m sure I could improve the those numbers if I paid more attention to my diet and periodized my training in a more structured manner, but that’s not a big deal to me. I lift cause I love to lift, it’s simply what I do. It’s as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth. Optimal strength and lean mass gains are not my immediate priority. Sure I like to make improvements in that area, but I like to think my life is a little more well rounded. I lift to assist me in my job (firefighter) and to keep me strong as I get older (35). I also want to play recreational sports as long as I can (hockey,football and grappling) and realize that staying strong is the best way to realize this. For many people, at some point in their life, adding an extra 1/2 inch to their arms and an extra 30lbs. to their bench simply isn’t that important anymore. For anyone who thinks I’m too lazy to do the research to learn more, I’ve read every single nutrition and training article on this web site from issue #1 on. I love the information and appreciate the work put into the articles, but I choose to keep my personal approach as simple as possible.

I have tried the Warrior Diet in the past with some success. However I saw greater results by using a kind of hybrid. During the undereating phase of the day I only cosumed some sort of low/zero carb protein shake. After a few hellish days I adapted and after just shakes all day nothing is more enjoyable than cooking up and eating all that food. Just for info I am 6’4 250 lbs @9% bf right now but at the time I was 7%.

Very interesting. I like the idea behind the Hybrid type eating routine. That’s something I could easily follow
Is there a reading or journal entry containing an exact idea of the hybrid eating protocol?

SRS, not a problem. No worries. Thanks for your input though.
Da Boxer

I do have an idea though! If we all want to try it I think it would be great, for those interested?

After my fight on Feb. 15th I will plan to start this idea of mine which will go as follows:
Skip breakfast, workout and have my huge one meal or a light post workout type meal. Depending on which one I have I will have the opposite for dinner. Usually the big meal keeps me full for a very long time. So, I usually workout at around 11am or 1pm so I can hold off easily till then, I will have a huge meal after cardio sessions and a post workout type meal after lifting sessions. Then for dinner I will have a huge meal on lifting days, and a small high protein meal on cardio days.

If anyone is interested in following this let me know and the sunday before I plan on starting this I will start a thread, we can call it “Hybrids becoming Warriors.” We can list our meals, progress, and help one another out. Well hope this doesn’t sound chorny but Im planning on doing it! so…

Da Boxer

Hey boxer,
I like the hybrid idea too. I’m game to give it a go.

At 5’6", 150lbs, I agree that you’d stay lean eating 2-4 times a day. I just don’t think you’re going to get any bigger doing so. Something which is the goal of a large percentage of T-Mag readers.

Completely agree with you Ike, but as you know, or should know, I compete in a sport where weighing a certain amount is extremely important. Therefore getting bigger is my biggest fear as I already struggle somewhat to make weight. So, this is basically for those trying to stay lean and/or get lean.

boxer al,

do you think the warrior diet or a hybrid would be good for a very overweight person,or would the standard 6 a day be better?

Seeing as I am going to conduct my own ‘study’ in a few months I will volounteer with this. I can see it now, “What is Dad doing now? Who knows, its another one of his crazy diet ideas, you know what your father is like!!”

This is great, we will start in about two weeks. My fight will be on Feb. 15th. I plan on grubbing all day sunday. Then on Monday of that week we start.

Kirk, this diet I believe will hlep someone with more fat than normal. You have to realize that with this diet hormonal levels change though out the day so you will have to use glutamine for the GH to help out. Leptin and thyroid levels will not suffer as the overfeeds at night will help with that. I also will add that though this diet will work in my opinion, it is perhaps not the best choice for someone with fat problem. The best diet for that would be the T-Dawg diet. Read both articles here at t-mag and let us know what you decide. The Warrior Diet book can help out a lot more than the interview with Ori. Good luck.

Da Boxer