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Let's Talk About Race and Police!

Don’t just dance around it dude. If you have a statement to make, make it.

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Good post, 90% of time they know we who you are and your record, before aproach car. Remember they are used to getting lyed to all day and having negative experience all the time.

But that isn’t the question is it? I do agree that blacks have been stuck in poverty for generations. It’s obvious to me that when Lyndon Baines Johnson was President and declared war on poverty he started handing out checks that was back in 1964. And 52 years later we have more black people in poverty than back then. When you reward someone for not working they are likely to continue that pattern.

But…that has nothing to do with good or bad policing.

They tried the Irish first , they died of malaria. Good thing they didn’t enslave Asians, them smart fuckers would have taken over by now.

The Irish? Will work for booze doesn’t constitute slavery. :laughing:

Last summer we had a gang infestation, in the apartment community their were fifty plus young black men in the parking lot on a few nights yelling at people, threatening to rape a girl , etc. I called the cops as well as others, then the cops showed up at my apartment, instead of calling riot squat, they let it simmer down. They want to avoid conflicts with black men because they dont want it to turn into Ferguson and policy changes.

There is a lot of wisdom in the idea that if there is not a riot, there is no need to start one.

People get the idea that a place is “cool” and until shown otherwise, will continue to act as they are accustomed. A guy used to pull into my parking pad next to my house sometimes to call his boy up the street. I noticed and told him to beat it, which he did. Until he came back. That’s when I walked up to him and told him directly (with a pair of hedge clippers in my hand) that he needs to quit calling his boy from my property and to get the fuck out, now.

Problem solved.

Later on there were other problems that needed solved by more than just police presence, but they got taken care of just as well too.

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They were evicted eventually after destroying property harassing tenant’s but kicked them for not paying rent, and apartments were trashed, were an organized gang had an apartment in 5 of the nine building’s on complex. While my friend a 95 pound Italian girl, got evicted for complaining about the ghetto rats above her for constantly playing music to loud, management sided with them because they had their homies call on on her while they weren’t even paying rent. I am just sick of this blm bullshit more black people kill black people than whites, look at black on white crime. I am not Archie bunker here , i lived with a black chic 20 years ago why do you think she preferred white men. I had a friend of mine in another building who wouldn’t take the trash out at night because he was afraid of being harassed, and i live in freekin iowa for crying out loud. Then again at one point i had way more BLACK freinds than white, we all worked for a living, liked to have fun not be menacing creeps. The subculture that is problem its to late, what common sense tells you burn down a place where you buy food and gas and employees fellow blacks i hope not but it will get worse before better, to end my rant all lives matter, black blue white brown gay straight yellow red old young hope that covers it all.

It is an endless cycle if you took most of those kids from poverty got them away from their hoods, showed them skills, carpentry, animal husbantry, agricultural jobs , and gave them positive reenforcement, they would do better then , you aint going to be shit, we spend more on criminals in prison system than kids in school. Its hard to get grades when you are under nourish, and kid are teasing you because you have same clothes as last year.

For the same reasons Asians (in which group I am including Indians from India) and Jews in America have a markedly lower crime rate than whites (or really everyone), greater education attainment, and rapid climb up the socioeconomic ladder.

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I get that point, but that is not an excuse anymore. The black on black crime is not a slavery grievance. They are killing each other in much higher numbers than any other demographic.

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This isn’t a new problem. And there isn’t a ‘bunch of bad cops’. There are a few, but it doesn’t take many to spoil the apple cart.

How many cops does it take to ruin your life by mere conjecture? The answer is 1. No other citizen has that kind of power over you. And some let that power go to far and they do bad things. It’s not a ‘rash of bad cops’, but there are systemic issues that need to be addressed.

These issues have been happening for decades, it’s not a new problem and it’s not a race problem. But there is a problem.

For start, ticket and arrest quotas need to be done away with, completely. Financial incentives for ticketing and /or arrest needs to be done away with.
All monies collected through fines and punishment should go to the state coffer not the city. <- Just a few suggestions that can fix a lot of problems.

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I agree. They assessed the situation and came to a rational conclusion while showing presence but not acting rashly.

I know of an example where the situation is totally self inflicted. It’s a student at my wife’s school. This family ‘lives’ in a motel, like an extended stay place. I don’t know much about the parents except that neither of them work.
The school has made every accommodation, including and up to having a school transportation person come to their residence and pick the kid up at the front door. The kid has been at school about 6 times since the start…
Once she was asked, “Why weren’t you here last week?” Answer: “My mom took us to the pool and we played.”

That’s one family. I understand they are poor and in dire straits. I cannot judge them for what they are, I don’t know how they got there. But why not at least send your kid to school and have a chance at an education? It’s free, the transportation is free, the food is free, it’s all free to them. They only have to push her out the door. Someone will even come and personally pick her up everyday and they won’t take advantage of it. Why?
On top of that, this is a good school. This isn’t some inner city dump, this is actually a quality school. They have an opportunity for their child to have a good education, know how to read and write and do math and can excel if she just shows up every day. From there, the sky is the limit if they would just put half an effort in getting their child educated. All she needs to do is show up, the school will do the rest. And if she turns out to be a good student, she could go to college free, nearly free or very cheaply. All she has to do is show up and her parents will not see to it that she does… It’s a sad situation, because the opportunity is wide open and they just won’t do it.

Yes, and in the long run because of that there will be more black on black crime and murder. The Black community is actually hurting themselves with this militant stance they have taken against the police. Very sad indeed.

There is no quota system to my knowledge and I have a fairly deep knowledge of how Police Departments operate.

It has almost everything to do with culture.

Which police departments have an arrest or ticket quota? I keep hearing this, but I am not aware of any that actually do. What financial incentive does a police officer have for writing a ticket or arresting someone?

Well, lets look at it:




These are just a few I found… A lot of places, it seems while not having an official quota system has a ‘numbers expectation’ which is like a quota system under another name.

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Arrest quota, not as much. Ticket quota however is an unwritten rule. Municipalities budget revenue from violations and they are expected to write tickets to meet the budget. Is it a direct order from Cheifs and Mayors? Sometimes. There are not written standards or exact numbers, but wrest assured there is a “quota” to be met. (This is my experience speaking with current and ex-police.)