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Lets Talk About Atrophy

Well, it will be faster to regain said lost muscle due to muscle memory. I doubt you had all that much muscle to begin with, so it probably wasn’t that much to lose anyways.

If you eat under maintenance, you will obviously lose muscle faster than if you eat at/above maintenance.

You really don’t need to lift THAT often/much to hold onto muscle. Putting on new muscle is the hard part. Maintenance is fairly simple, at least at the level that you’d probably want to maintain at.

[quote]Cup wrote:
I may be wrong but i think that I atrophy faster than normal. I was hitting the gym hot and heavy then i up and quit. In four months I had lost most of my mass and In six it has all went away.

What is the deal with that? Why does muscle atrophy so quickly? I was never real big but why so fast.

I am wanting to get back into lifting but it is all going to go away the next time I quit I dont think that it is worth it.

i think maybe this isn’t for you. good luck with whatever path in life you choose to follow.

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That One Guy wrote:
just quit on everything else in life too, if you don’t use it you lose it. got that firsthand myself, freakin didn’t take a real math my senior year of high school, now im dealing with calculus while trying to remember basic algebra and trig functions fuck!..but i digress

I realize it’s off topic, but I am in the same boat dude. No math junior or senior year, and four years out of high school I decide to go to college. The hardest class has been calculus, hands down. I’ve already dropped it once. I’ll have to take it this winter term because I am done with all my other core classes. I cannot put into words how much I am dreading it.

OP, why even start something if you know you will quit? You might just need a different hobby.

I was searching for “senior” as in old person to find training advice for my dad and this thread came up. I digress.

TAKE PRECALCULUS AGAIN. THEN do Calc. And practice a lot, give yourself 30 mins of practice problems a day. That’s how I’m getting by.

(The below is not a joke)

Just buy the book “Calculus the Easy Way” instead of taking precalculus over again. It is a great book.

This again is not a joke: With little but the book Calculus the Easy Way, I took and did okay in Calculus III without every taking Calc I or II at all. That is how good it is.

Not that I recommend doing that – it is a stupid thing to do – but I have no particular aptitude for math and much dislike of grinding out math problems, so it suited me.[/quote]

I wish I’d known there were books like this in undergrad. I’m in the same boat of being a scientist (chemist) without being a particularly good mathematician, and my calc III grades screwed me over for a lot of opportunities in grad school.

And, on topic, I’m echoing those who say ‘what did you think would happen’?