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Let's Talk About Accessories


Lifting a light weight slowly uses more energy than performing the rep at a regular pace.

Now if you’re just talking about getting super tense and running through the movement with maximal tension and not purposely turning it into a 5s negative and 5s concentric then okay yes that good.

Purposely lifting weights slowly just teach you to lift weights slowly ( specifically as it relates to a compound main movement ). Say for example your work weight is 315 for the day. If you do bar through 275 overly controlled and slow your 315 is going to move with less force than it would if you just performed normal reps. You can measure this with a tendo unit.

However if it is working for you and you’re making progress I can’t really argue with results.


I don’t lifts weights slowly often, but when I do it helps to identify points in the lift where I am not braced, activating improperly, or out of position.


I’m not disagreeing with you guys, concerning everything else I follow and understand those principles.

As mentioned, I use CTT for warmups only.


How about back muscle accessory work. Pretty sure the answer is across the rep range and variety of movements and loading lol

But my question is when the reps get low how much body English is acceptable. e.g. if I was to do 6 reps with a couple in the tank on chest Supported Row there’d be some swinging action.

I’m in a high rep phase now but as I go heavier and weight drops does back accessory work rep ranges drop too and if so how much Momentum/swing is ok?


Use the 90% rule. It works for practically everything.

Sometimes you just have to move some heavy weight. As long as it’s not a major lift, cheat a bit if you need to now and then.


Brb shaking the shit outa the chest Supported Row machine


I hate these things. They feel awkward and hard


Pretty much. Can’t help but feel that having your chest pinned on a pad at all kinda feels awkward. Maybe heavy weight is just not meant to be moved by the body that way?


They should be hard. It’s because you can’t use your hips, legs, whatever else to cheat… usually.


But powerlifting is cheating


Can we dicuss grip width on incline BP?
Should it be wide, narrow, the same a flat bench?


Depends. :slight_smile:

Do all 3! I stick to Close and Normal usually. Wide is good if you’re going lighter and doing it constant tension style ( body buidling ).


Okay. Thank you!