Let's Start Over

Ok. I’m now 53. Let’s act as if all I know are the basics of weight training, diet and exercise.

At 53, I am 6’2" and 225lbs. I’ve not lifted a weight for probably a year and would have to estimate that a 135lb bench press would be a 1RM right now, sad to say. I have a jacked up dominant (R) hand that challenges some movements, and it sometimes stops a workout altogether, but i will keep going back at it.

That does it for the background. My goal right now is, by January 25, to drop about 15 lbs., then after that, to maintain the loss and build some strength and balance, maybe a little speed.

Based on those parameters, where inside the gym (not diet and other) would you start?

I’m inclined to do full body workouts every other day with lighter weights, as well as 15 or more minutes of cardio. Aside from travel I see no reason I couldn’t maintain that until 1/23, then pick back up around 3/5 after we return from the winter place. I need to explore options out there too.

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Full Body EOD

decline bench 90x10-15?
dips BW x ? (failure)
db side laterals 25x?
pull ups BW x ? (failure)
inverted rows BW x ? (failure)
hammer curl 25x10-15?
rdl 225x10-15?
squat 135x20
cable calf raise 50x20
adductors lateral lunge x20

All sets to failure
1 set per exercise
Squats 15-20 reps
Body weight exercises to failure
Other exercises 10-15reps
Only take long enough to catch your breath between sets
once you get outside the rep range add 5lbs.


Are you Arthur Jones in disguise? Sounds like the old Nautilus routine.

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Ha no! Funny.
The very first gym I belonged to, back in 1987, was Moores Nautilus.
I def recall the trainer there pushing me hard, and was who taught me the importance of squats.

The program listed by @throwawayfitness looks exactly like my workouts during that era with different weights. Of course I moved ten times as much at that age :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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After having another look I may use this as a template. I don’t know what that adductor move is?

Thank you!

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Simple enuf - Thanks!

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