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Lets Start a Winless Debate


Simple really. Let's argue about stupid shit. I'll go first.

Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Bush, or Nirvana?

In retrospect, I go with Pearl Jam. 15 years ago, I'm going with Bush.


Pearl Jam... no. Nirvana or Alice in Chains... hmm... I think Nirvana has more musical and artistic talent but I like the style of Alice in Chains more. Both have good memories attached to them.


Was Pearl Jam not the most successful? Not that being successful is the end all be all but Ten was the shit and they followed it well. Longevity is important. If it wasnt for the drugs, Alice in Chains could've owned. Nutshell is one of my favorites. Nirvana is just garbage in my opinion.

Wild card Bitches!! Oasis shits on them all.


You are both wrong.

The 747 is the most well constructed and best feeling airplane to fly in than any other jet in its class. Especially if you sit right in front of the wing.

Any other opinions on this can go take a dump in an active volcano.


Oasis is a gay mans Beatles!


The quality of airplane construction can only be measured by the orientation of the toilet paper in the lavatory which is determined by how often the rolls are hung in an over orientation.



Bush caused 9/11, it was an inside job. The melting point of steel man, the melting point of steel!!!


Honestly, I think that was Joe Biden. Riding them damn trains all the time prompted him to buy stock in amtrack. He staged 9/11 so people would ride the rail more. Shit worked out son.




Liam Gallagher will smack you in the temple with his crack pipe bro. Tone that shit down.


Temple of the Dog.

Toad The Wet Sprocket was dope too.


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Nirvana was and still is over rated. I prefered Presidents of the United States of America.

But all in all, STP was the best band of the 90s, and they're back on tour.


Pending another OD


That just means that Scott Weiland is still on drugs, and therefore still can rock.


Yeah, good thing is drug of choice is intravenous heroin. Crack kills the vocal chords.

Pink Floyd > Led Zepplin


You can talk about those pathetic bands all you want, but Great Big Sea is still going strong.


Nirvana was the most versatile of the bands listed. They are my preference overall.


However, whisky and cigarettes does wonders for your vocal chords.