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Lets stand together (UK - USA)

Hi there everyone.

Let me start by offering my deepest sympathy from everyoneone in the UK. We share your pain. In this country there has been dozens of terrorist attacks and murders, so we are not strangers to it. I live in an area that has had 2 bomb blasts in my time. It is awful.

I watched the events of Tuesday live and it was numbing. I really feel for everyone involved. As a very close nation to the US, our country is now on high alert as well, so we must ALL STAND TOGETHER to fight evil, but I urge the American public to think about the implications of any retalliation made by Bush. After all, we dont want the whole world to look like Manhattan. Lets not allow our Governments to start a possible WW3, or we will all be dead.

I will start a book of condolence right here for UK T-men and Vixens to leave there messages