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Let's Smoke a Hookah!


I'm on the market for a hookah.
Just for recreational purposes, I wont be smoking weed out of it just flavored tobacco once and awhile.

I'm thinking about buying one from an online store because I can't seem to find anything around town that is under 75$.

Does anyone out there own a hookah?
Does anyone out there frequent hookah lounges?
What is some good shisha?



Well this is a throw back! I thought oxygen bars replaced hookah!

I love hookah. Not enough of a hobbyist to suggest anything other than sour apple flavor.


I use to all the time, but I just can't in good health. As much as the people running them want you to believe its not unhealthy, it is very much so. At the height of my idiocy I was going 3-4 times a week with friends, before or after dinner or a bar..it becomes a common activity and therefore almost becomes routine...friends around...wanting to socialize..smoke shisha. It's odd...I haven't smoked shisha in ages. It was during a period of lay off from the gym..


yeah i have one. like it a lot.

reccomend a double head, and always fill one side with mint. gives the smoke a 'cool' feeling in your throat.

strawberry hookah and fill the bowl with margarita mix.

and obviously, blowing smoke through a bubble wand makes pretty cool effects.


I've gone to a few hookah lounges around here. They are all pretty cool, possibly the most relaxing setting i've ever been in.. ever.

I've found some pretty good combinations of shisha.

Watermelon + some kind of citrus blend.

2/3 Coffee + 1/3 Vanilla.. measuring is crucial for that one.

Choclate + mint

Banana + Cocanut


yeah i have a Hookah, dont even ask me why.

ok, you want to know why?

because i thought it would be cool to have one, i used it like 3 times...wanna buy it?

dont mind the delapedated wall paper.


is that your girlfriend or something? she looks hot post more pics


Strawberry shisha plus 2 shots of Stoli Vanilla vodka in the water.

Green grape tobacco and 1/4 cup white wine in the base (in the water).


If you can carve out a fruit to use as the bowl itself, the tobacco will taste amazing.

Lemon mint is an excellent flavor, as is guava+lemon mint. Blueberry is very good, too, even better with white peach.

Starbuzz makes the best, most consistent tobacco.

Obviously, real charcoal is the best, but those silver japanese coals are also pretty good. Stay away from the quick light stuff.

A few cubes of ice in the water base makes the smoke denser, cooler, but also a bit harsher (because of density). You can open up the valve a bit to mix in more air to thin out the dense smoke.

Always rotate the coals every 10 min or so about a 1/4" turn in one direction (CW or CCW) to keep the tobacco burning evenly and delay the formation of tar, which will give the smoke a burnt flavor.


Dude you don't want to put smoke in you're lungs if you can avoid it. I've smoked many a hookah in my day and its hella overrated. Save your money and buy a gun!


Every time I hear hooka, I think of this:


I have a 12 gauge and a .22



I thought you had quit posting. Glad to see your comedy.


hookah girl is far left. gf is next to her.


I come and go when I have time.

I'm glad that others are entertained by my comedy.



However, if you smoke often, it will compromise your training. I didnt think it was, for awhile, but that is because I had quit cigarettes and comparitively it is like breathing air. However, nowadays if I smoke my hookah the next day I know I'm not 100%.

This is also because when I do smoke hookah I inhale long and deep.

ANyway. I think that you can get an aesthetically pleasing hookah for 75-200$ depending on your budget and your intentions.

as far as flavors

I am a big fan of orange, double apple, lemon+strawberry, pink lemonade, after9+banana, melon and basically anyhting fruity over anyhting savory.

also, use the smallest coal you can, make sure there is space between the tinfoil and shisha, if you can make the vase water fresh and cold (ice is a def!).\



I come and go when I have time.

I'm glad that others are entertained by my comedy.


Are you still in the UH mma program?



it comes with the best flavors too


I only smoke a weed/tobacco mix when I fire up the Hookah.


No, I graduated in '06 and transferred to Elite MMA.