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Let's Set Some Goals


Alright so i figured I would make this thread to keep myself and others accountable. Whenever anyone makes a goal thread, a ton of people post their goals and then never report back, making the thread pointless. So what i am going to do for this thread is keep my main post updated with everyones goals for the big lifts (i'll add other lifts if people want) and the dates they plan to accomplish them. Every few days or so i will update my main post with new goals that people have posted. What i also will do... drum roll... is post in all CAPS whether or not that person completed their goal by the date they set. If they haven't responded by the date they set then i will assume they failed. K cool

A few other points... If you get injured or have some other excuse, feel free to let everyone know, but i will not be making excuses or an asterisk next to the "FAILED." If you failed then you failed for one reason or another. Also, please don't bullshit us with unreasonable goals and pretend to have accomplished them. If you all would like and have access too, then post videos of the lifts for 100% proof.

My first two goals are to deadlift 405 by June 12th and Bench 300 by June 26th. These are reasonable goals for me so let's hope i don't screw them up.

Bench Press:
citydawg926 - 200 - May 31st FAILED!
Fuzzyapple - 250 - June 21st FAILED!
TD54 - 300 - June 26th FAILED!
sam_sneed - 350 - July 1st FAILED!
griff79 - 275 x 5 - July 4th FAILED!
Think tank fish - 110kg x 3 - August 29th
The3Commandments - 225 x 10 - September 1st
TD54 - Maintain 225 x 8 on diet - October 20th
pr-train - 315 - November 11th
graudani - 315 - January 1st, 2012
The3Commandments - 275 - February 2nd, 2012

Military Press:
griff79 - 165 - July 4th FAILED!
Think tank fish - 70kg x 3 - August 29th

citydawg926 - 300 - May 31st FAILED!
Fuzzyapple - 315 - June 21st ACCOMPLISHED!
griff79 - 135 Without Pain - July 4th FAILED!
MAsteve - 180kg - July 5th FAILED!
The3Commandments - 350 - September 1st
pr-train - 315 x 3 - November 11th
graudani - 405 - January 1st, 2012
The3Commandments - 405 - February 2nd, 2012

citydawg926 - 400 - May 31st FAILED!
TD54 - 405 - June 12th FAILED!
TD54 - 405 - June 22nd ACCOMPLISHED!
Fuzzyapple - 500 - June 21st FAILED!
Think tank fish - 130kg x 3 - August 29th
The3Commandments - 350 - September 1st
MAsteve - 200kg - October 5th
TD54 - Maintain 405 on diet - October 20th
pr-train - 405 x 3 - November 11th
graudani - 495 - January 1st, 2012
The3Commandments - 500 - February 2nd, 2012

citydawg926 - 195 - May 31st FAILED!
captain slow - 31 inch legs - June 26th
sam_sneed - 250 lbs - July 1st FAILED!
sam_sneed - 18 inch arms - July 1st FAILED!
sam_sneed - +2 inches right leg - July 1st FAILED!
griff79 - lose 10lbs of fat - July 4th FAILED!
Think tank fish - 17 inch arms - August 29th
Think tank fish - 34 inch waist - August 29th
The3Commandments - 205 - September 1st
pr-train - 220-225 - November 11th
graudani - 200 - January 1st, 2012
The3Commandments - 225 - February 2nd, 2012

MAsteve - Pain Free Shoulders - May 21st ACCOMPLISHED!
captain slow - DB Incline - 45's kg - May 26th FAILED!
captain slow - HS Military Press machine - 2.5 pps - June 25th FAILED!
captain slow - Leg Press - 22 plates - June 26th FAILED!
captain slow - DB Rows - 65's x 10 - June 26th FAILED!
sam_sneed - DB Bench - 120 x 6 - July 1st FAILED!
sam_sneed - Front Squat - 275 - July 1st FAILED!
sam_sneed - Deadhang Pullups - Maintain 10 reps - July 1st FAILED!
griff79 - Deadhang Pullups - 10 - July 4th FAILED!
griff79 - Leg Press - 20 Plates x 5 - July 4th FAILED!
Think tank fish - Deadhang Pullups - 15 - August 29th
citydawg926 - 1000lb Total @ 200lbs BW - August 31st
The3Commandments - Dips - BW + 135 x 4 - September 1st
The3Commandments - Overhead Press - 160 x 8 - September 1st
The3Commandments - Weighted Pullup - BW + 75 x 6 - September 1st
LiquidMercury - 1500lb total in 181's - September 22nd
kaisermetal - Weigh 185 lbs - January 10th

Alright cool story bro, now go accomplish those goals


Mr. P90X Tony Horton believes you can accomplish those goals


Nice goals. I like the idea of this thread.......

My personal goals:

leg press 22 plates - June 26th

incline bench the 45s (db and in kg) may 26th

db rows 65s x10 as a finisher 26th June

hs mil press machine 2.5 pps 25th June

pretty realistic targets I feel for me.

Oh and 31 inch legs by june 26th :slightly_smiling:

edit: 17 inch arms by june 26th and 17 calfs


How do you make font bold? I'm trying to make this post look sharp and organized unlike the other shitstormed goal threads


Great idea.

My goals are pretty modest but this should help me stay dedicated.

Bench 3RM : 110kg
Military press 3RM : 70kg
Deadlift 3RM : 130kg
15 deadhang pull-ups
17 inch arms
34 inch waist

On or before I turn 25 on the 29th august.


18 inch arms by summer, or sometime during.


Squat: 315x10 by september 1st--- this is setting the bar pretty high for me, current is 315x2, however summer is usually a great time for me to make gains

17 inch arms- highest ive been is 16.5, and right now i beleive they are around 16 inches, fairly learn. i plan to eat on some weight over the summer though, so well they may not be lean 17's at least it will be a bench mark.


I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.
To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.


Gotta catch em all first, broseph =(


Repost from BOI forum. These goals are from Jan 1, and due July 1, 2011. I do not set concrete goals longer than 6 months:

Personally, I've learned for me that making year long goals is a bit tough and I need to set them a bit more short term. So my goals are all midyear:

By July 1:

Bench: 350 (1/1/11 320, PR 335)
DB Bench press: 120x6 (1/1/11 110x6 , PR 120x3)
Front Squat: 275 (1/1/11 135x3, PR 275)
Pullups: Maintain 10 from a deadhang as I gain weight

250 lbs (1/1/11 235, PR 242)
18" Arms (1/1/11 17(PR))
Bring my right leg up 2 inches to match my left leg.
Rehab my lower back and possibly get therapy for it.

Be able to hike, backpack and play basketball by the summer.



[ b ] text [ /b ]

no space between the brackets and the b


Akuma, where did that fat go? lol

Proper leaned up since the end of last year...


1500 total (would like 550/350/600) in the 181's by end of summer while still being able to cut to weight at a days notice or so and maintaining abs throughout the summer.



Military Press: 260 lbs x 1
Front Squat: 365 lbs x 1
Sumo Deadlift: 500 lbs x 1
Below Parallel Box Squat: 365 lbs x 3
Decline Press: 335 lbs x 1
T Bar Row: 5 plates x 10
Power Snatch from Hang: 185 lbs x 3


200 lbs @ sub 10% bf

Deadline: whenever


I would have just done this "Like this"

My goals are for June 21st/2011

I may have to adjust the time as I haven't been focused to much on training with school but they are as follows;

250lbs bench press (Current 215lbs getting close to 225lbs)
500 lbs DL (current 405lbs)
315 lbs Squat (Did "315lbs" with the assistance of bands, both do not even hold the bar up so they take less than 45lbs off. I would put it around minus 25-30lbs)

I really think these are realistic goals for my time frame. Bench may be a little far for me at least but we'll see.


Having a specific time will help you stay motivated in reaching your goals. It is easier to keep track of to see if you are on the right path.

I did a paper and presentation on goal setting this semester and hope to share. Paper was "The Influence of Goal Setting on Intrinsic Motivation". Not saying I am the all powerful God of goal setting but could help out.


deadlines help most people, but they just ruin me. i just get too nervous wondering whether i'll make it or not and end up regressing. now with no deadlines i'm doing so much better


Oh its still there, im just parting it on the side


Cool, thanks for sharing.


OK, I'll list my personal ones:

Two Deadlines: September 1st, 2011 and February 2, 2012. Sept 1st is my first day back in CT, and Feb 2nd will mark one year of serious lifting for me. It should be noted that I lifted in high school then took a six year hiatus to run distance.

These goals are somewhat lofty, perhaps, but I'm still making newb gains (started 2.2.10 at 155lbs), and I've been blowing up recently, so I'm hoping that continues. I'm not sure how realistic these goals are, and some of them are pretty arbitrary. Honestly, I'm just going to lift my balls off and see what happens.

Sept 1st goals:
Bodyweight: Current--193 pretty lean, Goal: 205 relatively lean if possible
Squat: Current bests--260x9 wide stance, 275x5 narrow stance. I want 350 by Sept 1st.
Deadlift (with straps): Current best--365x1. I want 415 by Sept 1st.
Bench: Current best--210x8. I want 225x10
Dips: Current best--BW+90x6. I want BW+135x4.
Weighted Pullup (Neutral Grip): Current best--BW+50x6. I want BW+75x6.
EDIT: Overhead Press: Current best--130x8. I'd love a 160x8.

One Year goals:
Bodyweight: 225
Deadlift: 500
Squat: 405
Bench: 275

Tools to help me get there:
Food. A lot of food.

Possible hindrances:

Having to move around (to Philly for the summer, then back to CT in fall)
Possibility of injury.