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Let's See Your Kitchen


I think it would be interesting to see where my fellow powerlifters do their thing - and if any of said places are worse than mine

EDIT: I can't spell


No pics, but I have: crockpot, blender, a big and deep t-fal pan, a set of copper bottom pans, and lots of knives. I love knives for chopping.

That's aside from like the range and microwave and oven.



That is a nice looking counter top.


ID, I knew you were fun-size, but your dinner table is shockingly small.



Nice kitchen, Doc. But holy crap, who is the chick in your living room?




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DUDE DJ WTF That is like an exact copy of my wife's cousin's kitchen that I ate dinner at last Sunday. I got really confused there because she's a whitey married to a latino.


Shit. It took me a minute to find her and when I saw her, I jumped.

That was scary.


x 2 on the small kitchen. So annoying.


I will take a picture tomorrow so you can see how a kitchen in a communist-block building looks (boring).

DarkNinjaa, that avatar is just...wow...
I'm not a fan of compliments over internet and stuff, but oh my.