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Let's See Your Bad Experiences with AAS

Throw out some bad experiences with steriods and auxiliary use. So far the idea of running anything other then test scares the fuck out of me, pretty sure I will only ever use that although I may change my mind in the future.
Also might be good for newbies to see the bad side of steriod use that isnt the bs you see on the news.

So this isnt really a bad experience on cycle. Just one that involves gear.

I had placed a order for a few bottles and was patiently waiting. It was supposed to arrive friday. I live in whats called “luxury apartments” in a upper class snooty kinda area filled with mostly older retired people. (sometimes my luxury apartments remind me of a resort for people over 60)

So come friday my package said delivered but i checked my mailbox…No package. Now im a bit pissed because i cant get my money back and i dont have my gear. So i figured id have to talk to seller or place another order monday.

Sunday comes around and me and my wife go to the pool as usual. All the old ladies sit around the pool and play yahtzee and bridge. They are very nice and always make a point to say hi.

As we walk up to the pool i hear my neighbor yelling my name from pool side. So i walk over and low and behold shes got my bottles of gear in her hand. She said " i have your medicine sweetheart i didnt read the name on the package until after i opened it and figured id see you at the pool sunday" bless her old little heart she thought it was some kinda prescription for me.

Needless to say my wife who already isnt a big fan of me cycling wasnt happy about the old lady next door getting my illegal package. But all in all it was a success


The year was 2000 ce. The previous Fall American stickball player Mark McGwire has just captivated the nation by hitting many homeruns and the magic in his bat was thanks to this newfangled drug called “andro”. Supplement shops in town sold it to anyone who had the $50 necessary, age be damned.

But I waited patiently. The ephedra that I had was enough for me at the tender age of 17. But then cane college. I started two months after I turned 18 and by then it was clear that I was informed enough to buy whatever otc drugs I wanted. Because being 18 makes you smart, you see. So I went to the shady mom and pop supplement store and bought three different versions of the “legal” anabolic that they had in stock.

I’ve told this story before, so I’ll get to the important part and leave out the excess. The andro was in fact andro. The two others—don’t remember what they were called now—were, um, not prohormones. They were just oral steroids. One was dbol, the other was (I believe) either winstrol or one of the less-known designers that had existed in the research world for years. Hard to say after so many years. Anyway, I got fucking huge that year. Ran the andro and the “totally not Mexican dbol labeled as something else” and then ran more andro and the winstrol/whatever it was for a total of (I’m guessing) six months with a month break in between. By then I was big enough and poor enough that I didn’t need to buy anything else for a while. Then the supplement shop mysteriously closed down and the husband and wife disappeared from town.

Wonder if that had any negative effects long term, like two decades of depression or low testosterone levels that wrecked my 20’s?


Having orders delivered still makes me a little paranoid, especially being that (someone on here mentioned it) qld looks at steds as they do heroin and coke lol. Lucky yours ended favorably.


This is the kind a thing the young guys need to see. Go over board and your fucked for life. Well until trt…

You ran Winnie for six months…



I just had 700 THOUSAND coronary vasospasms.

So, were the owners open about the contents of the “PH’s”?

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No, I ran the winstrol/whatever it was for two months. Prior to that I ran the dbol for three, with a month off in between.

And no, they absolutely were not honest about anything they told their customers. I didn’t find out until later what they were actually doing. As far as I knew—and this was before the internet was such a plentiful resource of information—the stuff they were selling was legitimate and legal. And everybody was on it. High school and college athletes, gym rats, local bodybuilders, a shitload of cops, everybody.

NPP fucked up my sex drive for like 6 months.

Anadrol felt like someone was holding lit cigarettes against my nipples. Dbol my prostate swole up and it felt like I was sitting on a lemon. Ever had a cramp in your prostate after a sneeze? I sure have. Really not fun.

All orals now jack my appetite something fierce but it’s actually pretty good when dieting.

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I have one in which i was involved in due to friendship.

The local gym desk attendant turned out to be selling steroids. Of course, at the time, I was completely drug free and pretty naive about the whole thing.

Anyway, one day the dealer went to pick up his supply from the Mailboxes etc. and got busted in the parking lot. He apparently ran and they literally tackled him in the parking lot. Well when my steroid using buddies (who were buying from him) all heard, they freaked out and were expecting to have search warrants put on them. One guy gathered up all the gear from about 4 or 5 guys and put it in a box and asked me to hold it.

So I did. I put it in the rafters of my garage. I never looked at it and after few weeks, the whole thing died down and I returned the box to my friend.


That’s the kind of shit that makes me not want to touch the heavy compounds. The screwed up sex drive. Also I’ve heard read stories on here and elsewear of guys going into deep depressions. I’ve always been an anxious/easily depressed guy so the idea of that isnt pleasant.

So you weren’t actually running anything at the time? And you could have potentially been pinched with a box of gear? Lol shit man

No gear back then but since I had never bought from the guy there was zero chance of anyone checking on me

Just be conservative with a new compound, and wait and see how your body reacts. If you start getting negative side effects, cut back on the amount or stop. Don’t frontload cause if the compound isn’t good for you it can hit you like a ton of bricks, and if its a long acting ester it will last for several weeks even after stopping.
Be aware of the potential risks before hand and see if their are any commonly recommended procedures to combat the side effects like a serm, an AI or cabergoline for prolactin problems etc. If so have those on hand before you start the cycle.

@Beyond_Beyond To be honest in the years of researching aas I havent even had an inkling to do anything other then test. I know that may change in the future but for now the risk/reward ratio is a little off for me. The potential sides of the heavier drugs just dont seem worth the risk for me. Deca, Tren etc just add a whole new element to the game that I’m not prepared to take on lol. To each their own I guess.

I did just about literally the same thing around the same time as you, minus the orals. I felt awesome, was as lean and as strong as I’ve ever been. I enjoyed ephedra, so much energy and weight loss was easy.

Never knew andro was what it was and the impact on my body it could have had…all these years later, I’m on trt…

I agree with you about deca. Shit makes me paranoid. I cant imagine being 28 and having ED.

Orals have never been a issue for me. And id even dabble in tren before i ever touched deca or npp

Yeah the idea of ED is terrifying considering ive never had any issues before. Waking up one morning and not being able to get an erection no matter what I did would really concern me.
I think I’ll probably avoid the orals too, something about the idea of swallowing something liver toxic puts me off, I know 4 weeks probably isnt long enough to do any real damage but still…

@zeek1414 keep clicking on reply to message but for some reason it doesnt show up.

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Damn, I’m 60 and have some joint issues and have been tempted to run some npp or deca but my shit still works pretty good and I don’t want to fuck with it now. It may never come back. I’ll just deal with the joint issues.

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I’d be more worried about the cardiovascular strain nandrolone can cause.

Anyway only bad experience I’ve ever had is with what was supposedly oxandrolone, it shot my BP up to something absurd like 160/85… Well that’s absurd for me, made me dizzy, felt pressure in my head. Whatever it was made me feel like I was on a strong stimulant whenever I took it (even after a single dose), also shot up my HR.

Went in to donate blood the other day and mine was 160/80, probably part due to nerves of donating as I fooking hate needles (but pins test, go figure lol). Mostly because e2 is on the way back up again by the looks, I get heavy water retention when e2 elevates even slightly.

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