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Let's See The Wife


Go on, all fellow T-men lets see your misses, or girl, or whatever you call her.

Here's a pick of me with mine:


Here's her again with some friends:


I can do better than that, I got pics of other peoples wives!


You better have a good excuse for missing this one


the dark haired one....



Is the girl in the black jacket called Clare?

Looks like someone I used to know...


no she isnt im afraid...


yeh she is, ha


No problem.

it is uncanny.

I echo Supermick's sentiments about the dark haired chick with the white shirt - she is smokin.

(Your girl is hot too, but she's your girl so I won't say too much...)




What's that 70's Show?
Or what is that 70's show,
and what do you mean by "that seventies show"

Maybe im not old enough, or in the right part of the world to understand that :S


o really....


she come here often?


Haha no m8, but how old are you anyway, she's only 16.



hate when that happens.

Now you gotta put her in the fermentation box, Mick.


Just when he thought he's seen the girl of his dreams eh?
Well sorry i stopped you dreaming mick..... :0)


Mrs. Redsol1.

Ignore the ugly mug beside her



Oh. Ok. Ill get me coat.


Heh, that's a TV show over here in the States.

I think he's trying to imply that your lady looks like one of the chicks on that show. I can kinda see it...


at least it's legal...

That 70's show is a US sitcom about a group of kids in the 70's.

He's ragging on your hair dude.


For you supermick, though I had to save it as a gif otherwise my alterations didn't get saved on the picture, so sorry about the poor quality.

Haha ive got some more "revealing" pictures of her too, from a "Bikini Party"

but their isnt a chance of me posting them, sorry guys, that would just be a step to far, ill leave mick to dream, anyhow she is my girlfriends best m8 so, id be in the shit if she found out.


I posted this in the other thread but what the heck...I'll do it again.