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Let's Put Things Into Perspective

Hello fellow muscle heads,

I just finished reading Dr Clay’s article on bodybuilding training ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/11_principles_of_bodybuilding_training_part_2 ) and realised that my performance/strength training (which I have been doing for nearly two years now) should take a different tack as managed to reach my goal of building some basic strength foundation. As great as it is, the aesthetics have suffered as you will see in the pics. I am gonna delve back into bb type of training, probably mountain dog-esque, so no more Cressey and DeFranco for me for a year or so.

My stats:
Weighted pull-ups- BW+35kg x 3 x 3 with good form, could do 40 kg
Overhead Press: 75 kg
Front Squat: 100 kg for 6 reps. PR: 130 kg x 3
DB BP: 50 kg x 3
Dips: BW+40kg 3x3
Deadlift: 190 kg beltless

Sample day of eating:

  1. 4 eggs + 150 grams of salmon or mackarel+ porridge with protein powder, 100 gms of blueberries and whole goats milk

  2. pre workout: 20 grams of essential amino acids+beta alaine+creatine and citrulline malate+ 30
    gms of vitargo (or 1 scoop of SWF)

  3. post workut: 40 grams of whey isolate+ whole goats milk

  4. chicken+mango+lettuce+walnuts+EVOO+cucumber/tomatoes etc

  5. steak/salmon/burgers+potatoes/rice/rice pasta+broccoli/asparagus/avocado

I might throw in a shot of EVOO or a scoop of peanut butter/coconut oil here and there, and I use butter to cook my steak. I stopped being neurotic about the way I eat- 6 meals a day no more haha! I just make sure that I eat three, perhaps four big meals every day, each of which supplies me with quality carbs/protein and fats. I’d say I consume around 250 gms of protein every day

Supps: vit k2,b complex, vit d, ZMA, krill oil, probiotic, fiber, glycine, Phosphatidylserine, bacopa/rhodiola + workout supps mentioned before

It’s always hard to judge yourself so I am gonna to ask you to throw me a bone: what is my dominant, balanced and underdeveloped body part? IMHO the most of them is underdeveloped simply because building muscle was not my primary goal and I didn’t really venture into high rep range.

Me thinks:
Quads: 6/10 decent but nth to write home about. Solid foundation with next to no definition
Hammies: 5/10 alright sizewise but not impressive. I find it hard to make’em work
Back: 6/10 good thickness and decent width masked by my waist line (or maybe it’s me just being hopeful lol)
Biceps:3/10 lagging. a lot.
Triceps:5/10 decent but no definition.
Calves: 3/10 lagging. not exactly bamboo shoots but not far from it
Chest: 2/10 Probably my worst body part. Needs a lot of isolation work and stretching
Forearms:5/10 could grow more
Abzzzzz: 3/10. Was gonna say 2/10 but I think that my obliques are very strong but my bf is too high to show anything
Overall: 4

pic: relaxed front

back relaxed

back relaxed 2

front flexed

side chest

wheelz flexed

hammies and glutes

back flexed

back flexed 2

[poor] posture

front 2 relaxed

one last one.

Any feedback as to what to work on? cheers in advance

I’d probably say arms, chest, and some back width. Otherwise you can lose some of that fat.

I started going to the swimming pool 3 times a week should take care of conditioning. When you say arms you mean biceps or overall?