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'Let's Pull a Car'

Guess what happens

Pic of said car. It has a taste for blood now.

Bet she runs faster next time. Mission accomplished.

lol i feel bad for laughing

I worked for a crusty old Navy Chief who would assess the severity of every situation with this question:

“Do I need to put my coffee cup down?”

Clearly the guy on the right at the 2:41 mark didn’t think so.

That’s what should happen when you don’t pull your weight.

how were they pulling it faster than she could run? she had no business doing that.

On an unrelated note, I need to get a similar push bar for my Mustang.

Who DIDN’T know this was going to eventually happen? Hit the brakes. Or, let natural selection choose the final survivor.

LOL at 2:41 when they push the car backward and the runner who is resting on the ground was yanked backward.

It would have been funny if they had hit the brakes on the car - instead of running over the one girl, all four of them would have been jerked back. In fact, that would have been a hilarious prank!

is that crossfit?

She sounds like a small dog getting stepped on when she hits it lol

I am happy to say I skip ahead after about three seconds and the next three seconds was the girl getting hit. Did I miss anything else?

Tying yourself to a machine = potential fail.

Here is video of the aquatics event from the same competition:

^There is a class that does that at my gym.

They call it “training”.

But there really is not much exercise involved.

Pin the kid, get a rope on him then toss him in. Then it is all sit on your ass and laugh.

Laughing does work the core, though.

[quote]Dr. Pangloss wrote:
Pic of said car. It has a taste for blood now.




Well, who didnt see that coming?

Jeeze. If you are going to do something stupid, you should at least be on drugs.

Let me guess, Crossfit…

I was going to post this but you beat me to the punch. Crossfit;Not even once.