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Let's Make Some Progress!

I have decided to start this log to give myself some accountability. Since I joined the gym in January â??09, I have kept a journal logging all my lifts. Looking back, it seems that I havenâ??t made that much progress at all due to training attention deficit disorder, seriously, Iâ??ve tried about 8 different programmes! At least I know what works for me now, and that is 5/3/1.
Profile: Iâ??m a 2nd year student doing Landscape Management (think project management for nature reserves). I like metal, xbox360, history, animals, women etc.

Age: 21
Weight: 107kgs
BF%: ? too much
Height: 5â??10

Maxes Jan â??09
Weight: 90kg
Dead: 130kgx1
Squat: 110kgx1
MP: 40kgx1
Bench: 45kgx1

Maxes 10th Dec â??09
Dead: 140kgx15 â??max est. 165kg
Squat: 125kgx10, 100kgx25, 140kgx1
MP: 60kgx8 â?? max est. 75kg
Bench: 80kgx10, 100kgx1

Training: 5/3/1
OHP+ DB Row 5x10/15, MP 5x5, Seated Calf Raise 5x10
Dead+ Front Squats 1x10-20rep, Dead 5x10, Seated Calf Raise 5x10
Bench+ DB Row 5x10/15, Bench 5x10,
Squat+ GM 5x10, 20rep Squat

GOALS: Get big and strong. Short-term: 140kgx10 Squat, 180kg Dead, 80kg OHP, 100kgx10 Bench.

Equipment: Liquid chalk, knee sleeves, chucks and Rogue Dowins for squats.

At the moment Iâ??m eating for recovery and growth. Mainly food based, eggs, meat, milk, green stuff, sweet potatoes and rice. 200g protein etc. I do have excess body fat but I want to have something to show before I reduce that. A big change I have made since the beginning of the year is to cut out 90% of bread and beer (and drinking and wheat in general), you might not be able to see in the pictures but i reckon i have lost about 10kg of fat just from that.
I use fish oil, multi vit, zinc+magnesium, BCAA, some protein powder, and gut flora promoter stuff.

me in dec '07, icky. basicaly untrained, doing some stuff in my room with a cheap weight set.

a year later, two months before joining a proper gym.

from the begining, i had the idea that i should squat and deadlift. im not sure where i got it from, but it stood me in good stead. i had pretty much decent form before i ever saw a squat rack.

now for the more recent ones. these next are form 2nd nov 09. had been training for nearly a year. these are all relaxed poses. im not training for physique goals- if i wanted to attract a woman that way id shave and go on a crash diet.

i do like training the back. i have progressed from 1 pullup in august to 6x10 yesterday, not bad for a fatty.


these pics arent really for judgement, its just so you peoples can get an idea of where i am

(on 5th week)
today; work up to 90%
mp: 52.5x3/55x3/57.5x9 - not a pr, but above 8reps, so ok
DB Row: 5x15 47.5kg. wow. these were hard but i got erm. gonna have to buy a db handle cos the gym only has dbs up to 50kg
mp: 42.5 10/10/10/7. im not sure that these are working for me, might change to 5x5 with slightly heavier weight.
seated calve raises: 5x10 50kg. proper reps, no bounce, hold at top. dont want small calve and big thighs lol.

cant wait for deads tomorrow!

pretty good today-
dead: 125x3, 135x4, 140x15!! 5rep pr, massive cramp in quads, fucking awesome.
fsquat: 60kgx10, 70kgx10, 80kgx 13+4. really pissed off with these. my forearms were too tight and my fingers popped forward, so i had to rack it. need to improve flexibilty. could have got 20reps no prob. agh!
deads: 5x10 105kg
smith shrugs: 5x10 100kg, nice squeeze at top, no bouncin.

in other news, my two dogs ate 2 large boxes of thorntons chocolate thatr my mum left on the floor. had to make them hurl. they then demanded food and walkies?!?! then i come back from the gym at 8:30, parents are round friends house, they had left an entire chicken carcass and the stock on the side in a pot. THE DOGS HAD THAT ASWELL!! bones and all, apart from the greasy mess, the dogs are fine. i wonder if my dogsare not dogs at all, maybe aliens?

Bench today 90%: 72.5kgx3, 75x3, 80kgx10 - meh, lost power halfway up the 11th rep.

DB row 5x10 - 50kg, damn, these were the heaviest in the gym.
bench 5x10 - 60kg
calf raise 5x10 - 52.5kg
R curls + fat gripz 5x10 10kg, taking it easy after spraining wrist two weeks ago, will be adding weight though

squats: 105kgx3, 110kgx3, 115kgx15- +3rep pr

  • 105kg x 21

today 95%: 47.5kgx5, 55kg x 3, 60kg x 9 - 3 rep pr!
MP: 5x5 50kg easy
HS row 100kg 5x10, might use these till i get an olympic db

Deads at 95%: 120kg x 5, 135kg x 3, 150kg x12 - really chuffed with this!
shrugs, 5x10 105kg
calves, 5x10 55kg

Bench 95%: 67.5kg x5, 75kg x3, 82.5kg x 12 - new pr! seriously, like, every day more weight or more reps!

HS row: 5x10 90kg - different hand position, harder, but certinly hits the painful sweet spot.
Bench: 5x10 65kg
BB curls: 10X5 30kg - wrist managed fine with these, so will continue once a week.
overhead cable extensions: 10x5 45kg

hadnt much time today.
squats 95%: 100kgx5, 110kgx3, 125kgx5 - +5rep PR from dec 10th, felt easier too.

i feel i have been progressing faster than i expected in the squat and deadlift, so i will test maxes next wekk in preperation for the new year.

Sunday: MP 85%: 57.5kg x 10 (pr) meh, its weird cos im fine till about the 7th/8th rep and i just loose all power, reckon im not suited to high rep OHPs, so iv have jacked up future programmed weights by 2.5kg
Kroc rows: 50kg x20 + HS row 4x10+20 92.5kg (really like this movement
ohp: 5x5 52.5kg
EZ Rcurls+fat gripz: 10x5 17.5kg
tricep extentions: 10x5 45kg (i also practised bridging a barbell into position for floor presses, and will do these on bench day)

Today: Deads 75%: 145kg x 16, haha, well chuffed. ros1816 will be posting a vid of this later (my phone died)

Fsquats: 80kg x 15, need to improve.
shrugs: 110kg 5x10+20
seated calf: 5x10 55kg

Bench 85%: 85kg x 10, pleased.
bench 5x5 70kg easy
hs row 6x10+20+10 102.5kg, loved this
bb row 5x6 70kg, really easy for my upper back (have done 5x5 with 85kg before) but lower back couldnt hack it.
facepulls: 45kg 3x10
BB curls (all curls are done with fat gripz): 5x5 32.5kg - seriously under trained here
floor press: 3x10 70kg

all this and talking to friends in 70mins, really good training session today.

New Years eve: decided to work up to my 5RM back squat, because i cant remember the last time i did this. did 145kg x6, not too bad though my form was a bit off after reviewing the vid - tucking under, and i get too parrellel, but not beyond, i wish to go beyond.

squat 5x10: 100kg
calf raise 5x10: 57.5kg
shrug 5x10: 112.5kg

because im still a beginer, i feel there isnt enough squating frequency at the mo. not sure how i will fit more in though using a 5x5 rep scheme.

couple of updates before gym tonight:
-found out that my Piriformis and Adductors are much too tight to even get a parellel without my Dowins - its given me a false sense of security and after reviewing my last 2 squatting vids, it will be really bad before long. will take a break from squat shoes (cept for front squats) and will focus on form and flexibility. downloaded Robertsons ebook on SMR - will cure me by next week.

-Started a food log today. iv always aimed for 200gs of protein a day from food( following 40/30/30 principle), but iv never had any idea of how much carbs and fat im getting aswell. i have noticed that iv gained about 20lbs+ since september, some muscle, some fat, so i want to inspect my diet to see if anything is amiss.
bit of a shock. breakfast(normal): porridge - oats 150g, 1%fat milk 1/2 pint, 30/35g protein powder equals 100g of carbs/ 45g protein/ 14g fat. those carbs are a bit high arent they? would like advisory.

looking forward to the resolutioners tonight.