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Let's Hear Them Stories: I Broke My Mrs Blasting

So she keeps asking if im proud, I am but im also devastated.

I habe been dealing with the ups and downs of TRT for the last year and a half. Im now on week 4 of my first ever blast and struggling to control myself.

I’m walking around the house naked getting semmies either slapping her face with it, shoving in her mouth when she isnt expecting it or just pushing her down on the bed and going to town.

Well yesterday i pushed it too far, i have broken her kunt, bruised her cervix. She hasnt eat all day, strugging to urinate and has a doctors appointment tomorrow.

So im in the dog house.

How do your mrs handle you blasting?

Wow! Lots of imagery there. When I first took over my TRT I was pinning a ton. And like you, I was pretty uncontrolled. My wife and I had sex every day, twice a day, non stop for at least 4 months until she basically came to me and said she couldnt take it anymore. She was bleeding (spotting) and was raw and sore to the point of just feeling like shit. Turns out she also had some kind of polyp in her that I was beating the shit out of and she had to have removed.

We’ve slowed it WAY DOWN and things are much better.

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Ummm… Seems a bit aggressive. How much are you blasting again??

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What did I just read…


You guys giving us the typical stereotype


You honestly speak about your wife like she’s a blow up doll.


if this isn’t a troll thread (it’s probably a troll thread), i suggest you seek professional counseling. Everything is wrong with your attitude and your actions. I’m going to assume I’ve run steroids at MUCH higher doses than you, and I’ve never even had a remote urge to do anything resembling what you just described. You’ve been blasting for 4 weeks, and that’s turned you into some caveman who walks around naked slapping your wife in the face with your dick and forcing intercourse whenever you fucking feel like it? Do you also have a giant forehead and carry a big club around with you? Do you yell out ‘Me Xevox Smash!!!’ randomly?


lol never ever approach trestolone or proviron then. You have mental health issues man. Cool down, pop some Asin idk.

My GF absolutely loves me being on TRT/HRT. Marathon sessions in the bedroom. It’s funny.

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This is just me being paranoid but I think I would delete this confession as it could be used against you in a court of law.

looks like the feminists have arrived.

what a laugh I had, showed it to my bird and she’s hoping I have the same urges in a couple of weeks. each to their own

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Word. Fucking feminists.

My wife’s always like “USMC, pleease bruise my cervix and randomly shove your cock down my throat when I’m not expecting. SOOOO HOT! Make sure your boys can see you dominate me like a MAN!”

To each their own, indeed.


I guess you missed the part where the OP said his ‘Mrs’ is very unhappy about the situation, and has to see a Dr about it.

Your “bird” is hoping to have a bruised cervix, be unable to urinate, and have to seek medical attention? Are you impotent?

I found it even sadder that he is going to need large dosages of gear in order to satisfy his woman. Implies a couple different things.

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you know what they say: birds will be birds!


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On 500mg test e

Hahaha, it can @newbvet.

Read in to it wat you will

I was skeptical that incels existed, but recently we’ve had an influx of threads that paint a pretty good origin story for them.

I love how this wasn’t just a laugh for people. Blown away

It depends if you were joking or not. In the case of this thread case I didn’t jump on the bandwagon because having spoke to you on previous threads on this forum I was fairly sure that this

Was intended to be a comical exaggeration, however many won’t find this funny however as sexual assault and domestic abuse is a very serious issue. What you may find funny others may find offensive, I’ve learnt this the hard way by making jokes about religion, people’s point of views (like vehermontly suggesting we go to a steakhouse in a car full of vegetarians). If in the back of you’re head something is saying “heyz maybe this isn’t appropriate to post/say” then for the love of God don’t say it. Due to my high functioning autism and my very dark sense of humour I tend to lack a filter in many situations and offend people without meaning too. Ill give an example (this wasn’t me joking about religion, this was me saying things that weren’t appropriate)

We once had some family-friends over for dinner (this was a while ago, like five years ago. So everyone was talking about religion (talking about it as it was fact mind you) particularly about the Jews held captive in Egypt, escaping and Moses splitting the sea. So I jokingly chime in “so we’re all aware none of this happened right” and everyone looks at me all like “what the fuck unreal24278” then the one girl says “but miracles happen, who are you to say this didn’t happen” or some shit like that. I respond saying “when was the last miracle you can recall, did this almighty being save us during the holocaust where we were systematically slaughtered, what about the Spanish inquisition, we go to synogauge and prey to something we can’t possibly understand, the idea that this higher power will protect us is a phallacy, there’s no one out to protect you, but there’s a lot of people out to get you, that’s just how the world is”. Now this made the family friends very upset, and I wasn’t aware what I said was innapropriate, offensive or anything until after they’d left to which I was notified. The moral or the story is think about what you say.

In the off chance you’re actually shoving you’re penis in your girls mouth and forcefucking her at random times, this needs to be addressed, because if she doesn’t consent or says no yet you continue anyway this is an example rape regardless of what others think… If you’ve actually bruised her cervix you need to remember examine you’re behavior, unless you guys are into some really rough stuff. You need to have more restraint and self control, otherwise blasting isn’t for you, if youre doing things like this (providing the above statement about forced sex with you’re gf wasn’t a joke) on 500mgs of test then you probably weren’t a nice person to begin with. Anabolic steroids tend to amplify certain characteristics, it won’t make a decent man a total asshat overnight. That being said I’m fairly sure the statement about slapping her in the face with Ur peen and whatnot was a joke

Solution? Watch more porn, masturbate more often, get a fleshlight lol. Oh… But don’t reenact what you see in porn… It’s fantasty not reality, half the positions I see in porn would probably end up with the girl slipping and me breaking my penis.