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flexing abs


the wheelz




Damn Tarzan...how can you measure your results with all those pubes on your chest? You need to shave that...chicks aren't into the whole super hairy chest...i mean some hair is alright...but damn...clean that up


Shoulda posted in the beginners forum..


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wolverine chest hair is not cool....


small, skinny, white and hairy

end of thread>


that's all i got because the website is taking too long

h: 5'9"
w: 165
bf: ? maybe around 10% probably higher

squat: did 325 but that was when i weighed 200lb probably about 285 now

deadlift: did 365 but once again i was fat then now probably 325-335

bench: never tested a max because i hate the bench press probably 185

diet for today (workout day)

1 scoop Zero Impact Protein
.5 tbsp hemp oil
1 serving emerald balance
3g fish oil
1g CLA

5 eggs+1/4 c egg whites
3g fish oil
400 i.u. vitamin e
1 serving gakic (i got it free from work i figured might as well try it)

1/2 serving Surge w/ 500mcg chromium mixed in
1/2 serving Surge w/ 500mcg chromium mixed in

3 oz can of water packed tuna
1/2 c pumpkin seeds
3g fish oil
1g CLA

1 scoop ON Whey+ON Casein mixed together (i dumped 2-2lb containers together into a 5lb tub and shook it up so i could get whey and casein together in one scoop)
1 tbsp olive oil
3 g fish oil

1 scoop zero impact protein
1 tbsp hemp oil
3g fish oil

1/2 lrg chicken breast
1/3 c almonds
3g fish oil

1 scoop zero impact protein
3g fish oil
1g CLA

Off Days: Cut out the surge, lower the cals to 2500, the workout days are 2750.

See my GD abs!
Short Term: get to 8-9% bf even if it means weighing 150lbs
Long Term: get to 205 at 8-9% bf, enter a BB competition and win

I am an FFB. Used to weigh 200 at around 25% bf. I can't seem to get down to a weight where my abs show even if I don't weigh that much. The velocity diet is not an option right now because I live at home and would probably get kicked out of my house for going on "a crazy diet". I catch enough crap from my mother for how I eat now. Anyways, here is my current training:

Full Body
1 Lower Compound: Squat, Deadlift, Front Squat
1 Upper Push: Dip, Incline DB Bench, Military Press
1 Upper Pull: Row, Chinup, Row Variation

30 mins LISS on off days
15 mins bike or elliptical sprints post weights

any and all criticism is welcome!


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YOU'RE 16!!!
let's see what YOU look like!!


I hope my chest hair never looks like that.


damn i thought there would be some people giving relevant advice but all you folks seem to comment on is my damn chest hair.


I'm honestly considering never looking at the RMP forum ever again.

And I thought my friend had the most chest hair I've ever seen but you take the cake my friend lol

Btw I think your lifting routine is shit. 3 exercises a day? thats it? 1 exercise for each body part? That sucks dude.


alright i'm going right now to get some nair for christ's sake!

as for the workouts:

the rep scheme is: 8x3 w/ 30s rest in between each exercise

something constructive would be nice....instead of this looks like shit i'm honestly asking for advice beyond the usual lift eat sleep grow crap


advice = visit begginer forums

you're lean i guess but I can't really tell through your fur, you are skinny, eat add weight lift for a few years big compound stuff with some isolation, I am partial to ws4sb 3 thats all see you around


You want advice? Here you go.

You're a lazy waste of anyone's time.

This a site full of useful information. Anyone asking for advice with a physique and training scheme like yours is just asking to be called an idiot.

Luckily for you, I'm feeling generous.

First, don't cut down to 8% bodyfat. That's perhaps the worst thing you could do. Also, no one wins a BB comp with 8% BF.

You look fine as you are, so just focus on eating CLEAN and a LOT (since you want to bulk to over the 200's).

I'd say start at a minimum of 2800 kcals a day, high starch on leg days, med starch on upper body days with 2 components (see below) and low starch for shoulders day and rest days.

Drop the full body training. Yes it can be effective (I used it for my first 4 months) but it will NOT get you near to what you want to be.

Read the site damnit! Find a good split and start hitting the weights hard.

Drop the cardio, or at least keep it to the minimum. (For now).

Ex training split:

Monday: Legs (Quad focused)
Tuesday: Chest & Triceps
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday:Legs (Hip focused)
Friday: Rest
Saturday:Back & Biceps
Sunday: Shoulders
Monday: Rest

Yes, it's an 8 day cycle.

You can do cardio on 1 of your rest days if you have to. Don't do both in the same session.

Start a food log, also monitor your progress (what weights your lifting, for how many reps) and only weigh yourself every 2 weeks (if not every month). Ideally, don't weigh yourself at all. Use a tape measure.

You want to shock your body into growing, so vary your excercises, and change the rep scheme all the bloody time.

PS If you do find a "work out template" stick to it for the WHOLE programme.


Get on with it.


Agree with the above, but I would double the calories advised


not much there, but looks like you have a nice base to work with, can't really comment on the diet and cals but your training split will probably work for a while. i always prefer compound movements for beginners, but it wouldn't hurt to split them up a bit a throw in one or two more workouts per week. maybe three push pull days switching from lower body one day and upper the next and then ditch the cardio in favor of two gpp days sandwhiched in between the three other days


Yeah I am a beginner also..What does my physique have to do with this thread? I'm not the one asking people to rate my physique; you are. I admit I don't have a great physique, which is why I haven't posted it to get rated. But you post your physique which shows someone with little to no muscle, and chubby.. what do you expect? Me to praise you? Not sure why your randomly flaming me considering everyone is bashing you but whatever, I hope you get aids