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Lets Hear it for T-MAG


They are almost to issue 200. How bout that? I remember when all they had were a Question of Strength column and reader mail. I actually had a couple of letters printed in the early days. For the last three or four years ive looked forward to every Friday. I can still remember the day when i found Tmag after TC and Charles Poliquin left MM2k. I was so excited. I wasted a whole ink cartridge printing all the articles out. I have a stack about a foot thick of tmag articles. I owe about 90% of what i know and what i have become in strength training to the people at TMAG. I owe you a lot. Thank You!


Yeah, thanks and congratulations for nearly 200 issues. Like many others, with the demise of MM, I soon discovered T-Mag and haven't stopped learning since.


Yeah, thanks T-Mag. The expertise of your contributors (Tate, King, Staley, Davies, et al.) is awesome. Thanks and may the next 200 be as good as the first 200.


Same here fellas, I applaud, thank, congratulate, admire, and have the utmost respect for the t-mag staff... These guys have helped me out to incedible measures. I most certainly owe you guys a bunch. Thanks and happy 200.


Yeah!! T-mag and Biotest, you guys are hands down the best serious mag and supp. company. Keep up the excellent cutting edge work. I love you guys sniffle


No doubt, T-mag is the best site on the web. I'm just sorry I did not find it sooner. My first article that I ever read was Massive Eating part 1 about a year ago. It was then why I learned the real reason that I thought I was a hardgainer. Congratulations and thanks to the T-mag staff, Biotest staff and all the loyal forum posters. Looking forward to issue 200, 300, 400 and beyond.


Yes indeed. Nuff respect and Big Ups to TC and the T-mag crew! You guys provide the best information on ALL aspects of the iron game (training, nutrition,performance enhancement drug use, and yes humour) bar none! Keep it going and keep it real!!


Amen! A million thanks to all the contributors as well as those who help to make the forum so great; I owe a lot to all of you.


Goldie, it is every Saturday if you are in Europe. :slightly_smiling: