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Let's Hear It for Moms


My mother passed away last September from a prolonged illness, and it's been a little tough today for me. All you who have mothers please give them an extra big hug for me. Happy Mother's day to the ladies on the T may your kids take care of you today and everyday.


I thank my mom everyday for making me who I am, and making the sacrifices to do so.

Props to the momas.


Yo momma is so...

Just kidding, thank you moms.


I took a video of me doing front squats today and at the end said happy mother's day, then posted it on my momma's facebook wall haha. I figure being creative and having a little fun is better than "flowers and a card".


As a mother, can I just say that this is awesome. I would love if my boy posted that on my facebook wall. But, since my boy is only soon to be 8 I enjoyed breakfast in bed (scrambled egg whites and fresh fruit) and he gave me a pencil holder made out of clay.
On behalf of all mothers, thank you to our wonderful children!!!!!!


My mother doesnt like me......


No one likes you.


^thanks for confirming my suspicions (crawls away into corner)


nobody likes Andrew Live



I'm 2500 miles away from my mom today and my brothers were also not in the same country as her. We sent her flowers with a note to check her email. We each taped a message to her on our webcams and my brother put them together into one. He also had the brilliant idea of having each of us say random sentences and then mashed them all together to create a hilarious story about growing up with my mom. She was crying happy/touched tears when she called me and laughing hysterically by the time we conferenced in my baby brother.


You better finish that sentance with something nice, or you're going to get a beating.