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Lets Have It Tribunaldude!


Educated, informed, serious trainee?

He has made thousands of knowledgeable, intelligent posts and is respected by many on the board.

Yet others think he is a liar, a skinny fat keyboard warrior who does not walk the talk.

Tribunaldude, here is your chance to put the record straight:

-Training/Diet History
-Best Lifts
-Future goals
-Any thing else you would like to add

And finally the acid test...PICS


Why is it that anyone who gets called out never seems to be able to back anything up? Such a disappointment. And by back it up I mean legit pics/videos.


honestly stringer. if you're going to be calling out all these people, you should at least heed your own advice and put pictures of yourself in your profile. or in a thread. especially since you just joined.

you wouldn't just roll up into a boxing gym and after watching for a few min, tell one of the guys there he should step in the ring and spar and not just hit the bag.


That was bold


Who the fuck is tribunaldude? And why are you calling everyone out?


Dude, is that just a really wet shart?


im not calling out "all these people". the threads about you and alpha werent call out threads.

ct. rockula's was just a joke cos he talks such outrageous shit all the time.

people genuinely seemed interested in tribunaldude and whether or not he is legit (see ct. rock thread)

And on top of that tribunaldude himself ASKED me to call him out lol!


I feel like you are stealing from the magic of calling respected people out... I need a solid month to get through each of the "Dear(insert name here), how do you train?" and to digest the information that good members post.


Oh shi-


Who gives a fuck? Some people would rather remain in the shadows due to the many eyes that have been or are on these forums. Certain eyes that can have a negative impact on their lives. Fuck this calling out bullshit. If he can move 405 for an easy 8 reps, fucking a awesome and a tip of the hat. I've seen one pic of Senor Equis and it wasn't very clear at that, but I wouldn't dare call out the man. Same with Bill Roberts. Fuck this shit, this isn't motherfucking Jr High.




stringer is asking a frequent, knowledgeable poster (tribunaldude) to provide us with some evidence that backs up his opinions. I see nothing wrong with this, but then again, my post count is very low and I have only been a member since Dec. of '08. There might be something you vets know that I am unaware of.

It's easy to type away at a computer screen. It's a lot harder once you've revealed that you are a sham. We don't want to take away his credibility, do we?

Why would anyone NOT want to see pictures and stats? In fact, I think that should be a prerequisite of entry into T-Cell Alpha.

If someone can provide me with a logical unbiased opinion as to why some numbers would be a bad idea, I'm all ears.


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obviously he can post a pic of him with his screenname on a piece of paper. or just before a video lift say 'this is tribunal dude' or w/e. some bullshit.

if he's going to get he 'cousin' to do that for him, well that's just friggin lame.

but you get the point.


x2, but by posting this stringer will prolly try to call you out next. It's starting to get really old, really fast


No need for this really.

Anything posted on this forum you can:

1)Subtract 25-50% from all claimed pr's
2)Subtract 10-20 lbs from body weight
3)And add about 5-10% to BF readings

And really none of this all matters that much. Compared to the big named athletes, we are all weak pussies. Its all relative.


I'm taking my guess at the $10,000:

Dude works for the government, in Virgina, in some form of IT/terrorist/NARC type unit. I'm sure he has looked up all your IP's and knows your names, addresses, and how much porn you surf.

He trains in some nasty, kill a motherfucker with toothpick, hand to hand combat on T,TH,S
He lifts heavy weight for 6+ reps M,W,F
and Sunday he faps vigorously to twisted porn. (Which he posted in SMA, and ruined my life forever.)


He's just a smart dude, with a killer sense of humor, that obviously knows a thing or two.

BTW: People are ASIAN, rugs are Oriental
And this place has been like "days of our fucking lives" the last two days. Shit


HOLY SHIT! He knows my IP and my favorite midget porn sites!



Yea, I actually feel as if me getting "called out" has actually hurt my credibility...And I actually do have vids and pics up of myself, post my REAL numbers and stats, and even REALLY do counter terrorism....FML!

Hell, I rarely even post ANYWHERE other than in the training logs sections trying to help people out--and never start shit and yet now my name is associated with all of this BS....thats a lot of time and hard work to be wasted...

If anyone is honestly interested in my training or wants help with their own, PM me or check out my log...I need to get out of here before I catch the HIV that seems to be spreading over here...

Thanks internet...now it burns when I pee


I hate to be a stickler, but thats probably the syphilis dude.