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Let's Have Another Power Rack Thread


Hello, I've been fishing around in the other power rack purchase threads. I'm looking for feedback on anyone who has one with a lat tower attachment. Do you like your lat attachment? Does it get in the way? Do you wish you got one or didn't get one ect. I'm looking at all the usuals. Powertec, new york barbell, legend, powerline (although dont think this one has a lat attachment option).

Everyone seems to love their rack in the other threads. So its hard to tell how one is better than another quality or function wise. Anyone use a rack at somebody else's place that they thought wasn't very good?

Prices are misleading because you can look at the NY barbell one and say its cheaper than the powertec but the powertec comes with pullup and dip attachments and you have to pay for that with ny barbell and legend

Also like I said I am interested in feedback on these lat towers. Anyone disapointed with them?

Lastly, I see some towers have a stack and others are plate loaded. Has anyone ever seen one that was both? It would be great to have the convenience of the stack but also be able to put some plates on there if needed.

Here are some links






I think a free standing cable machine would be better then one inside your rack. If you are squatting in it and have to dump the bar would you rather fall forward on your face or into a bunch of weights/cable attachments?

I've gotten all of my equipment used (no shipping) if you buy equipment new from a website you will pay out the ass with shipping.


That depends. Amazon.com has a lot of heavy exercise equipment for sale with free shipping. I bought my power rack and bench separately. Paid $321 for the rack and got free shipping on both.


Great point on using amazon for free shipping. The powertec one looks cool. I forget.. Sam did you end up getting a lat tower or no?


I just answered my own question regarding a lat tower weight stack that you can also add plates to. Check this out. I have not heard of bodycraft but this looks pretty promising.



No I didn't get one yet. I have a pullup bar in my backyard that I built instead. The one on the rack is too close to the ceiling. I've been building most of my attachments out of wood since I have all the power tools. Might build some kind of plate loaded lat pulldown too.

I got this rack:

It's $350 shipped now, but I've seen the price fluctuate between $318 and $390 over the last 5 months.


Thanks Sam. I just learned some more interesting things. The body craft lat tower has no knee pads. So even though you can get a 200 lb weight stack plus plates, you won't be able to use more weight than you weigh because there is nothing to hold you down. I'm not sure if that is the case with the powertec and the others as well but that is something I'll have to look out for.


Sometimes this opinion isn't the most popular because it is pricey, but you will never regret buying a rack from elitefts.com. Ever. I looked at a million different ones trying to save here and there and eventually went with the EFS 2x2. It is the best rack I have ever used, including a lot that are way more expensive in commercial gyms. If you have the room, a 3x3 is probably even better.

Down the road you could buy a Legend free standing pulldown/low row as that thing is a beast too. For right now, I would focus on getting the best rack you can afford as the power rack is where strength is built.

You might also want to check out the racks at roguefitness as they seem to have copied some of the nice features of the EFS rack like the one inch hole spacing in the bench area. However, I cant vouch for their racks directly. I can tell you that the EFS racks are tremendous in terms of welds, powder coat and functionality.


Let me take a moment to simply say that Amazon.com is the shit all around.

I won't derail the topic anymore than to say "release date delivery" on movies that are about to come out is pure fucking genius.


That's the one I have, the powertec one, bought it for 450, shipping included off bb.com. Love the thing, don't have the lat tower attachment because it'd get in the way.


I have the Powerline one, it's not deep enough to bench inside the rack, though you can bench outside. Its only advantage is the low cost.

I dont have lat attachment.


They are by far my favorite retail company. Great prices and their customer service actually caters to the customer. I've bought everything from books, dvd's, electronics and even a Movado watch for my ex from their jewelry department. They've never let me down.

If any of you guys are students or alumni with a *.edu email address, you can sign up for their Prime for free and get free 2 day shipping on any of their products. No minimum.


Damn dude, how big are you that you can't fit inside the rack? Even when I was 6' 240, I had no problem benching in it.

Here's a vid. It's plenty deep for me at least to bench in.


Thanks guys. Not a whole lot of peeps who have the lat tower. So far i can't see springing for it.


I meant it's not deep enough to fit my adjustable bench.


Oh ok. Gotcha.


Only ting I have issues with is inclines in the rack, bench fits great, however, for inclines, without a spotter it puts a lot of strain on my shoulders/chest leaning back and unracking the weight.


I've also got the powertec w/out the lat attachment. It's absolutely great, couldn't be happier. The main selling point for me was the dip attachments were already included, along with a superior chin/pullup bar IMO.


Powertec guys... a couple questions that I couldn't figure out from their site.

A) Can you buy an extra set of J-hooks for it?

B) Looks like there is no where to hang any weight on it. I have a tree so its not a deal breaker but do they sell any attachments where you can put olympic weights on the rack for storage like Sam has on his rack in the video?

I really like the look of the powertec, the dip bars, pull up bars, the price, and the size is right for my garage.


Get a dip belt and some weights. That is what I did when I was doing wood chops and the weight got bigger than I was. Had some funny looks until people figured out what was going on.