lets go Yankees


Boooooooooooooooooooooring world series this year.

I wouldn’t count the Marlins out this year I think it will be a great series Marlins in 7 that how I call it. I tried to root for the Sox but I just couldn’t do it.

Marlins has very young and fast team. They have so many weapons. Incuding a better pitching staff then the Yankees.

This could be quite possibly the least entertaining world series ever!

I’m rooting for the team representing a state with no income tax.

Who fucking cares?

Dan “Still pissed at the Cubs AND the Sox” McVicker

no fucking way bro… we got lots of momentum coming into this. we’re on fire.

jack mckeon is a baseball god. he’s made some pretty unconventional moves and they’ve paid off. i almost felt bad for the cubs fans, i sure as hell wont feel sorry for the yankee fans.

let’s go marlins!!!

I’m with you, Dan.

Fuck the Yankies.

Fuck the Marlins.

And hell, since I’m at it, fuck the Red Sox and the Cubbies for not pulling their collective heads out of their asses and winning for freaking once!

You Cubbie and Red Sox fans need to quit yer bitchin and be thankful. This is as close as you’re likely to get in this lifetime.

You may have a valid point, there tmc.

Funny thing is, I’m a Mariner fan (I know, don’t get me started on them!)

But I’m so sick of seeing the Yankees in there, and the two long-time losers would’ve been so interesting…

Personally I’m not a Yankee fan but credit is due where credit is due…
“The yankees ability to scrap, claw and mash is stuff of legend. This was one of the greatest wins ever for the Yankees and that says alot.”
“Come to find out, that just like the Cubs, the Red Sox were 5 outs away with a 3-run lead and couldn’t finish.”
Where’s the decision maker for Boston… Joe Torre is a beast!

Go Marlins! Go Marlins! Go Marlins!

America is sick and tired of the yankmees. Old and boring…not good for baseball.

A Marlins win would be the WORST possible thing for baseball.

just wondering… why would a marlins victory be the worst thing for baseball? theyre young, big time underdogs and fun to watch. and oh yea, they play " real baseball", (stealing bases, sacrafice bunts, great defense) all lost in the modern day game.

Why exactly would a marlins win be the worst thing for baseball? I can think of worse things than and scrappy, solid hitting, excellent fielding, solid pitching team winning the World Series. The Marlins have been the best team in baseball for the last 4 months. Get your head out of your ass. BTW, im going to the World Series and your not…nah, nah…

BTW, why did my above post have the wrong name? It’s jeet…

A Marlins victory would be horrible for baseball in both the short term and the long term. 1. They have zero fan base, while this might help to build one, baseball doesnt belong there and its unstainable, so prolong that by having a bunch of band wagon jumpers with 95% of them ready to hop of the bandwagon 6 months later is only going to prolong that agony. More importantly is the fact that the Marlins payroll is tiny, if the Marlins win, it gives credence to the idea Payroll means little to nothing in winning a championship which only supports the claims made by big spending teams such as the Yankees, red sox, etc and is a notch against reigning in the already exorbinant salaries these guys make. As a Yankee fan, and someone who believes that money can buy success (just look at who the Red Sox have shelled out for in the last 3 years) I have no problem with this, but in the long run, people from small markets (such as the Marlins) would not be helped by a Marlins win in any future attempt to rectify the financial unbalance in the sport. MARLINS WIN=BAD FOR BASEBALL…both for the current makeup of the sport, and for future health of the sport

and Jeet, my head is not up my ass, its common sense. Good for you if you are a true fan of the team, but there aren’t many…and I am going to the World Series too, so lodi freakin da, hope you enjoy your tickets watching the Yanks clinch infront of your eyes.

The yankees are a team that most people do not want to see. George continues to dominate with his deep pockets and there is no end in sight. It has become tiresome and the excitement just isn’t there if you’re not from NY.

This will be clearly reflected when the tv ratings come out.

fuck the yanks