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Lets go Marlins


This is one of the happiest days of my life. We did it. Against Prior and Wood. Im so happy I cant express it in words. What can be better rhan watching Cubs fans literally crying cause they lost. We were19-29 at one point. Our manager is fucking 72 yrs old. This is 97 all over again and im drunk....

lets go marlins


So who would you rather face? Boston or NY?

I'm an Indians fan but I would think you would want to face the Yankee's. To be the man you need to beat the man! If you get Boston and win you'll never here the end of it. Then again If Boston gets in they will be VERY pumped....


If you need to "beat the man to be the man," and Boston beats NY, then they will be the man (if in fact NY is the man). At that point, you would have to beat Boston to be the man...because they will be the man after beating the Yanks.

Yes...I am a Bo-Sox Fan.


Um yeah....I dont think you can compare 97's team to this years team. 97's team essentially bought the World Series, am I right? Sheffield, Brown, Alou, Nen, Johnson. Where were these guys the following year?

This year's team are a bunch of underdogs and they are shoving it up people's asses...haha


man that was great last night. im hungover, i lost my voice, and i called in sick today.

Wayne Huizenga practically bought the '97 championship, then sold all the players the following year. that really broke everyones heart and its taken this long to have some faith in the ownership. Dontrelle Willis is really the one to thank for all this. When he started bringing in fans to the stadium, the owners decided against trading Mike Lowell and went and got some free agents.

... and by the way, i would love to beat the Yankees in the WS


Yes I have to say nice job to the marlins.

They started out crappy this year and then after new coach came in they really came alive and laid down the law.

Yes, it's not similar to 97, that team was like the yankees in that it was all bought and sold with a short vision plan.

I would like to see boston vs marlins though, just sick of the yankees spending habits I guess.