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"Let's Go Brandon" - Bidens Trolled During Christmas Program

Biden Troll Job - Epic

Here’s the raw video, I know this spread like wild fire. That was the best present I received for Christmas. I was rolling. I couldn’t believe biden repeated and had no clue what just happened. Jill knew. The look on her face, and she putting her head down after with the president having no idea he just said to fuck himself… You cannot make this shit up.

The second it happened, I knew life for this guy was over as he knew it previously. He’s going to get doxed if he hasn’t been already. The left blew a gasket, some MSM nimrod said it was an act of “violence”. Of course it is. I am sure racism will be worked in there somehow. My guess is he is going to get audited, possibly arrested for a political crime, if they can figure out any possible way to bend a rule to do that. He’s likely fired from his job already. He took a huge risk.
Not that he should be afraid of the blow back, because he broke no law and did nothing wrong. But we know, we know this ain’t about the law, it’s about silencing dissent. About making people afraid to voice their concerns and yes even troll a little.
And for those of you upset about it, you know if it were Trump, you’d be all over it enjoying that, as much as I enjoyed this. So stick it, it you don’t like it. Biden got exposed for the clueless old geezer that he is. And if it were the other way around, I would just have to eat it and admit he got, got. Can you handle this or did you have an emotional break down? Is it “violence”?


I do like your title better Chris, thanks!

It’s not “my” title, it’s basically the title of the video. “Biden Troll Job - Epic” just had me wondering who Biden had trolled.

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That could be the case. Could also be that he didn’t want to get confrontational with a dad on a show for kids to call in to talk to him.

And for such a tiny reward. It seems the risk vs reward for him was upside down. Not that I think he will face any legal issues.

Yeah, that’s it. lol… Or he could just be as clueless as he looks, which sounds more likely. Jill certainly got it… The look on her face was priceless. That’s what really made me laugh.

I think the reward is huge. He exposed biden for the space cadet he is and this shit spread like wildfire. Face it, dude, biden is clueless. He is cognitively compromised at the very least and it’s very, very obvious. This shit spread like wild fire. Within 3 hours it was the top headline on every news paper in the land.

Comes down to personality IMO. I’d like to think if I was POTUS, and hosting a children’s call in show, that I’d remain calm, and play it off. Maybe you would be confrontational? That could be why you think it is more likely that he wasn’t playing it off, and that he didn’t know what was going on.

I am not sure you understand how news papers work?

No, I would not repeat it and agree with it, though or act like it didn’t just happen, I would at least act like jill did. It’s obvious, the difference between joe and jill. She recognized it, he didn’t. He wasn’t playing it off. He had no idea what was going on. You cannot talk biden in to looking cognitively healthy. It is too obvious he is not well.

You don’t know that though. I am not saying Biden is mentally all there, just that we don’t really know what he was thinking in that moment. You may or may not be right, but you don’t know ATM.

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A POTUS showing a smidgen of class, imagine that. Pat can’t.

SMH at the chucklehead who took an obscene potshot during a wholesome Xmas call in tradition. Fuck the kids, let’s get political! Not that I’m surprised an excop from methford would go low like that.


TBF, I don’t know if he somehow missed or didn’t know the reference (I can’t imagine that he doesn’t know what “let’s go Brandon” means), or if he was just trying to be above the insult?

Just in my mind, I find it nearly impossible that Biden didn’t understand the phase (a popular phase, that other politicians have used, and translates to F*ck Joe Biden). To me the likeliest possibility is that he didn’t want to be contradictory on a kids call in. There are in fact, other examples of Biden just ignoring / rolling with stuff like this. He posed with a bunch of kids in MAGA gear somewhat recently.

It’s a little bothersome to me that Pat seems to think this guy is some sort of patriot and willing to sacrifice his life as he knew it, to expose Biden. The guy is more likely a delusional troll who doesn’t think much before acting.

Millions of delusional trolls out there these days. Why is it so difficult for millions to have some basic manners/class and not be an asshole?

My guess is that due to covid the overwhelming majority of social interactions over the past few years have been online where the rules of social engagement are far more malicious than in-person interactions. And trashy people with provocative things to say and do get the most likes and engagement out of their posts leading to them repeating the behavior and others immitating the behavior.


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I agree this was shameful. I’m very much to the right politically but feel that POTUS should be respected despite dislike for him. My trump loving friends immedialty claim that F Trump was literally said by left politicians. So… it was classless then and remains so now. We should all show some respect.


I agree it was a low-class move, but this case is still interesting to consider because of the contrast between how our news media covers this, a relatively benign and quite humorous euphemism, with five or so years of the brave #resistance movement.


Absolutely. The guy should have never participated in whatever that was.

Ah, come on. I’m sure everyone saying this guy is classless was saying that about everyone that did or said something similar about Trump. :joy:
And I’m certain they wouldn’t have been calling for Trump’s impeachment had he failed to catch something like that.

The party of Lincoln and Eisenhower has become the party of Beavis and Butthead. There are now no adults in the room. In the past we could always count on reactionaries to bring the crazy-ass down to earth. Now we get juvenile code from chickenshits too cowardly to just say it. The snickering little cunts who celebrate this can go choke on a bag of dicks.

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Beavis and Butthead is, factually-speaking, the apex of human comedy.

That, followed by Mystery Science Theatre 3000 on Comedy Central, all mixed with adult beverages made for some great times in my young adulthood.

And if that were trump you would have been squealing with glee. Get over yourself.


Oh, I don’t think he’s a patriot. I think he’s a full blown hero. Biden got, got and had no clue it even happened. I laughed and laughed, it was terrific.
And don’t worry, the soreness from the butt hurt will wear off soon enough.
It’s bothersome? lol… Awe. Tough shit, then. I get to laugh at biden’s and your expense. 2 for the price of one.

You do? Perhaps your not looking at the other side of this. Biden repeated the slogan and agreed with it. He had no idea it happened. Jill did, she knew immediately.
Y’all need a sense of humor. If this happened to trump, everybody would be shouting with joy. But it didn’t happen to Trump, it happened to biden. And biden was exposed. And too many people are treating it like a death in the family because they are embarrassed with dear leader.
There is no need to over analyze this. Biden got embarrassed. Remember how happy you all were when that lady flipped off the Trump caravan going by her on her bike? No one was talking about class, or whatever kind of horseshit. Everybody fully enjoyed it. And unfortunately, she was wrongfully terminated from her job. That should not have happened.
Maybe it’s you lot that need to grow up. Despite the leftist efforts to remove humor from society, some people still have a sense of one. Practical jokes are immature by default, doesn’t make them not funny. And this was funny as hell.
“Uh, Duh, Let’s go Brandon, I agree!” What an idiot.

If that is true, I feel sorry for you. I like bevis and butthead, but far from pinnacle comedy. Katt Williams is the funniest comedian I have probably ever heard. Followed by Bill Burr and Eddie Murphy. I like Chapelle too, but for me he ranks around Bill Cosby in funny-ness. Katt Williams has caused me to lose my breath and collapse on the floor in literal pain from laughter. I have never gotten that from a show or movie.

What color skirt do you squat in? Whiney babies. Geez. Wah!

I gotta admit, the more yall act all butthurt about it, the more I enjoy it. It really shows how truly weak and fragile you lot are. And yall being this weak and fragile gives me hope, that this left-wing horseshit we suffer through everyday will end because it’s adherents are weak in body, mind and soul.

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