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Let's Get to a 400lb Bench


Is there a 400lb bench race already? If not let's do it.....


I've been waiting for this, I hope to hit 405 by next year using conjugate method. I last tested my max at 355 probably close to 2 months ago and have 1 workout left on smolov jr tomorrow. I'll be retesting my max the following week then getting back to my planned workouts after that. How are you planning on getting there?


I'm in for this. Don't have a clue as to what my max stands now, guess around 330 (what I base my DE days on anyways). My log can be found in the logs section, following a conjugate split now after a year of 5/3/1 and a year of not knowing what I was doing. Want to be able to hit 405 anytime i walk into a gym by the end of summer (Sept. 1).


I'm fairly new to the powerlifting side of things. Been working out for 7 years now or so, but always more of a bodybuilders type of routine. I tried westside for a couple months, but my problem is with sticking to a routine. I'm constantly trying new things. Not always a bad thing, but....can be. Right now I've been giving the 5/3/1 a go. I'm not sure how I feel about it right yet. I like westside, and will go back to it soon probably. In fact I've incorporated speed days or exercises rather in with the 5/3/1.

My area of concern is that I've gotten considerably weaker in my bench over the past few years and I'm not sure why. Just 2 years ago I was doing 3 sets of 6-10 with 340 but now I can barely get 295 for a 1RM. A couple things it could be--I was about 20 lbs heavier and stronger then, and I've completely walked away from all "direct" anterior delt work. My anterior delts were so big that if u saw a pic of my from he shoulder up you would think I was a fat ass.

Not sure if either would make such a drastic difference, but I'm puzzled regardless. I hope to enter my first competition in October, but also have a baby due then so we'll see. My goal for the meet is 350. I've never thought I'd be a 500 lb bencher, but 400 is certainly within my reach. Just gotta figure out what happened. Any thoughts?????


I'd say its probably due to the fact you havent stuck to some sort of structured program which makes its really hard to track progress and plan for the future. The weight plays a huge factor too, i weigh 175 and since I put on 10lbs my max has gone up significantly. I found that my rep max at 225 isn't affected too much by my weight gain but my 1RM certainly is.

What ME excersizes do you guys find most beneficial in bringing up your bench?


Count me in, My last competition max was 315, Im sure im around 325 or 335 now. I train with sheiko 29 max of 350 right now. But it may be a while before I hit 400, but i'll reach my goal!


I'm in. 300x1 touch and go


Sounds good to me... most recent PR was 360x1, which went up pretty smoothly. Today i hit 315x5 close grip. probably going to max next week good luck everyone!


Count me in. If it's race, I'm way behind though! 300 competition, 315 touch n' go.


There was a "race to 405 bench" thread but I haven't seen it in awhile. I'll give it as good a shot as my shoulder allows. I've done 410 in the gym in years past, but I had a healthy shoulder back then. Recent best was 360x4. I've since managed 330x6, but I can't train flat regularly.


Ill join in as well. best bench is a 315 touch and go, but im sitting at around 250 bw though lol.


Might be just what I need. I'm at 300x1 too but I'll work my butt off to move the mark higher. Using a westside variation. BW 250.


I'm in. 300x1 right now.


I am in as well. I just did a 330 paused. I am doing a meet this Saturday, I hope to do 340. I am 39 years old and 405 is one my lifetime goals. I have been doing 5/3/1, on my 8th phase.


So it's safe to say you're getting good results with 5/3/1? Have you modifed the prpgram in any way?


I have been lifting off and on for about 20 years and I think the program made it easier for me to plan my work outs and not get burnt out as much. I pretty much follow the program. I do switch up the templates and the assistance work depending on how I feel.



Reverse-Band Bench (Small Bands)
After warm-up
Put on slingshot for overload

Tricep Death (still rev-band)
295x5 on each board

DB Flyes

Band Pullaparts
Mini x15 2 Sets

Did OK after a hot day of helping 3
people to move! My overall training plan
is geared for bringing up my raw bench but
once a month I pound lockout. Fun stuff.


I want in on this race as well. Been trying to get 405 for years now. I even keep a picture of 405 on a bench as my phone background until I hit it.
Best lift in competition is 374lbs (kilo to pound conversion always comes out funny), I did get a 380 touch and go in the gym a ways back though.
Currently doing 5/3/1 with Wendlers modifications for powerlifting and have seen good progress- but I weigh less now so I'm not even sure I could get that again now.

Must have 4 wheels.


Little progress update:
Benched today, hit 365x1 (+5 lb pr), and then 375x1 (+15 lb pr). Its getting close!


Retested my max today, worked up to 365 which was my goal and moved it real good so I went for 375 and got that nice and smooth but alot slower than the 365 so I decided to leave it at that with probably 5 or 10lbs left in the tank. Super excited thats a 20-25lbs increase on smolov jr at a body weight of 176 after the workout.