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Let's Get This Party Started!


A great start to the weekend: BARRY MOTHERFUCKING WHITE while at work!

Let's hear some amazing plans for the weekend ... me, I'm going to the beach and then having a bonfire with a big group of friends .. hopefully dipping my balls in the mashed potatoes .. West Izzy for Tootles :slight_smile:


I'm passing the last part of my CPA exam. I'm totally psyched.


Spending a wonderful Saturday morning at Crate and Barrel, followed by Bed bath and Beyond, then maybe watch the sun rise on Sunday and pick daises. It's gonna be faaaaaaaaaaaabulous


Get drunk and high, and go down the shore. :]


Off work tonight, freaking party time is right dammit!

then leave at 0530 in the morning for Ft. McClellan for a few weeks. FML


Friend is having a birthday party. 10 guys, 1 gallon of vodka.


Sigh...I have to work Saturday, then I am picking up my 7 year old niece and we are gonna have a "sleepover." My sister is studying for her statistics final. The niece and I are gonna weed the garden, build a cage for my unruly tomatoes, make pizza, and make jam. She has been bugging me for over a year to make jam. Not sure what kind we will make. Wonder if I can lay hands on some huckleberries. Too early for local cherries. I will have to see what fruit I can come up with. I have rhubarb. Maybe we will make a rhubarb crisp while we are at it.

The cooking gene seems to have skipped my sister and my daughter, both, so I enjoy having an enthusiastic little cooking buddy. Maybe I will break out the sewing machine and teach her how to use that while we are at it!

I suppose I have to bite the bullet and finish the kitchen walls, too. My lifting partner (who is also my boyfriend's mother and my landlady) and I stripped all the old paper off, and she has started the taping and mudding.


I'm going to this


Going to Outer Banks, NC for a week.


This weekend I'm staying in my house all alone as I always do but this time I'll be working on my project and playing world of warcraft while scratching my balls and sniffing my hands HELL YEAH!



I'll lift after work. Float down a river with a cooler full of beer tomorrow, and then spend sunday recovering/applying for Physical Therapy School.


I'm leaving the Outer Banks (currently in the airport) to go visit my girlfriend and other college friends up in Boston for a week.


I'm most likely going to be staying in and sleeping through most of the weekend.




I am soo jealous!! And I've never had those kind of kinky mashed potatoes!! I'm going to see KC and the Sunshine Band in a few weeks, does that count as amazing?!?!



Me, chilling with 1.75L of fantastic, delicious, rum and 4L of Pepsi max to put it in.

Which PT schools, I wanna apply to the same ones and lower your chances of getting in.


I live in Boston and want to move to one of the Carolina's, any suggestions


I lived in South Carolina for a while ... Charleston is an awesome city ... Columbia was cool ... Myrtle Beach, fun to visit wouldn't wanna live there

If I were to live in North Carolina I'd want to live around the Outer Banks part ... just sayin


I'm going to go see raphi and the rise and shine band. yay!!!!


Weed. Lots of it.