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Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Roy Jones is going to try to make history tonight as the first light-heavyweight to defeat a heavyweight. It ought to be a good fight if Ruiz actually fights and stops holding like a big sissy. Anyway, Just reminding everyone.

And I thank you!

I believe Jones, Jr. can win this one. Easy.

Maybe this fight and Jones, Jr. entry as a heavyweight will spice up a rather lackluster heavyweight class.

We were discussing this today, but no one could remember. Has Jones EVER really taken a punch? Has anyone ever tagged him?

To doogie: Not that I ever remember. I never heard of him going down.

Now about the fight. He dominated Ruiz and made it look easy. He didn’t really come close to knocking him out, but it looked like he hurt him a little. Ruiz was crying about the ref at the end of the fight. I don’t know; I just didn’t see what he said was going on. He said the ref wasn’t letting him fight when he would come in. But the whole fight he stayed in the middle of the ring. Great fight though.

Huh? Jones is NOT the first light-heavy weight to win a heavyweight title. He is the second. The first was Michael Spinx.

Jones’ greatness will be overshadowed by the crapiness of the LH division. He is one of the greatest boxers EVER. He is smart, fast, tough and powerful. Total package.

I don’t see Jones fighting many more (if any) heavyweight bouts. Ruiz is a light punching, “not-so-heavy” heavyweight. It was a low risk fight for Jones - all the “benefits” of a heavyweight fight, without all the risks. Jones just doesn’t have the size to hang with the bigger boys. No matter how great, a 198lber would still have a very tough time against one of the 250lbers. He could take on Byrd (another light puncher) and probably win, but I don’t see him having a prayer against some one like Lewis or one of the Klitschkos - they would just be too big and too strong for him.

According to “Fight News”, Jones is the first middleweight since Bob Fitzimmons in 1897 to win a heavyweight title.

As for the next hw bout for Jones, Jr.? He ain’t ready for Klitchko, that’s for sure.

How about a Roy Jones Jr. and a Butterbean match up… That should be intreasting. I think Roy could take him on though. I agree… Roy wouldn’t last against a Lewis, Holyfield or even Tyson.

Paatricia beat me to it.

People forget that Jones was an awesome middle weight before moving to light heavy.

I could see a Holyfield -Jones match up next, but in order to keep the belt he would have to fight Vitali Klitschko who is the number one contender or David Tua who is Number 2. Also there may be a mandatory re-match with Ruiz. Chris Byrd is a possibilty as well. If he could put on another 10-15 lbs of solid muscle, he could very easily stay in the heavy weight division.

I would like to see a Holyfield or Chris Byrd fight though. I also don’t think he should fight the big boys like Lewis and the Klitschkos. I don’t think he has the power to compete but I could be wrong.

To ExHIT:I don’t know if I would call Ruiz a light pucher. He knocked Holyfield down and Tyson and Lewis couldn’t do that.

It would be a good bout to see Jones against Tyson. That would be one that I might even be interested in (never thought I’d say that again about a Tyson fight).

Jones is da man and da only man when it comes to boxing. Kripes, the guy has only been knocked down once in his whole pro career.